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Tweaked Siraj(Shorter, etc) and Want Pic Ideas

Bluh, ok, I've tweaked the Siraj soft and hard pics like... three times now xD Hopefully, he looks better.

-Removed knot(Just can't make it look right, so dumping the idea)
-Removed foreskin on horsecock(I've seen it done really well before, I just can't pull it off yet; I'll readd it in the future when I'm a better artist)
-Added stripes to backfin(Let me know if it looks better, other than the knot, was the only other critique I got)
-Made taint the secondary colour
-Various tweaks

After measuring his proportions with a ruler... I found that, using his cock as a standard for 1 foot, he is actually... roughly 3'10, not 4,5. Wow. Hope that doesn't drive anyone off :P;;

Making two new AIM account(Maybe do the same with some other messengers, but AIM is, and always has been, my most used one). One is public and will be on all of my pages and Flists, while the other will be contact locked and private. And, seriously, if you dudes don't already talk to me, you can seriously just chat me up >:0 I'm super easy to talk to and get boners easily.

I've been definitely feeling more in the artistic mood since drawing that pic... think I'm actually getting it back again. Not sure exactly what I want to draw next... Siraj wears a jock strap under his shorts, instead of boxes or whatever, so I was pondering drawing a shot of his standing while wearing just that, with a side, close up shot of his ass(Maybe even an alternate pic with a buttplug up there instead!). If you guys have any ideas for other pic ideas involving him, let me know.

Annnd... I think that's about it... gonna work on my Weasyl account in a bit, maybe, after I finish redoing my Flist and possibly making the cuntboy Flist... but that depends on me making a cuntboy alternate pic of the one I just finished tweaking x_x;;
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
You're just a busy guy! and I thought it looked awesome with the foreskin >:u now I'm kinda sad I didn't save the pic before you altered it D: the stripes on the fins are a good addition I agree :3 and the taint.. ooooh the taint |3
Butt plugs~!? I'm extremely excited about that |D
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