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Re: My Ridiculous Maze of Stupid Questions"

1. What is your cultural background? German/Polish/Indian/'Merican

2. How would you describe yourself? Ummm, Idk. Try hard cute?

3. What's your favorite band/singer and what's your favorite song?(Note: they don't need to be related!) Favorite Singer would have to be Jimmy (The Rev) Sullvian. Favorite song at the moment would have to be Killer Queen.

4. What is your favorite mythical being from any myth, culture, religion, pantheon, whatever!? Saint Nick. Not only is he santa, but he is the saint for prostitution XD

5. If you were all alone and needed someone with you, who would you want to be with, I mean ANYONE *even chartoon characters, game character, ext! My Boyfriend's fursona ^^

6. If you had a choice of 3 friends to survive with in a Zombie Apocalypse, who are the friends you would choose!? Any of them that has actually studied Zombies.

7. What is your favorite weapon? It can be any weapon even ones that don't exist in real life but only in mythology, a movie, comic, or video game! Great minds.

8. Answer this riddle, "A girl goes to her mother's funeral. While there she meets a guy and they have a conversation and they get long really well. After the funeral was over and everyone had gone home the girl realized she didn't get the guy's name or phone number and had no way of contacting him again. So, she killed her sister! WHY!?" Um... *facedecks*

9. Do you got any medical problems? What kind? Ugh. ADD, Clinical Depression, GAD, and a few more >.>

10. What was your favorite pet you've ever had or what animal have you always wanted to own!? Even if it is impossible to get one! Domesticated Fox. They be cuddly ^^

11. What social group(s) did you belong to in school? (jocks, nerds, goths, emos, popular kids, cheerleaders, cowboys, greasers, outcast, ect...) I guess a combination of outcast and emos. I looked emo and was depressed in HS, and I did things that wasn't exactly the norm a lot.

12. What is your favorite OC you own!? Xavier. Because he's the only one I own. ^^

13. What is your favorite quote? Many. But my all time favorite is ”He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” - Samuel Johnson

14. What is your favorite pick-up line or catch phrase? None. I never use pick up lines.

15. If you were in a hot desert and you only had to drink one of the following: soda, vodka, beer. Which would you choose? Soda. I don't like getting drunk plus depending on the soda, it's tastier.

16. Who is your favorite Pony from MLP-FIM? Fluttershy.

17. If you see a missle heading toward you what would you do? *say your prayers tough guy* Run like hell

18. If you play tf2, which class out of the 9 would you play as most often! I don't play tf2

19. Most painful thing to ever happen to you? Getting a charlie horse in my sleep.

20. ...sexually? Cutting myself while fingering and bleeding everywhere, then explaining it to my dad :/

21. Worst thing you've ever witnessed? Hard to say. Probably my Mom having a seizure. (I don't get out much so never really witnessed anything bizarre)

22. What was the best movie you've seen? Edward Sissorhands

23. This week? The Chronicles of Narnia

24. What you you think of me? Kain? Awesome!

25. What is the one thing you've always wanted to do but never could or is impossible!? Become an actual Anthro fox.

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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
Nice! I really enjoyed reading your answers.
6 years, 8 months ago
Thank you! ^//^
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