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Let the rejoicing begin!

I've posted another chapter of The Runt up, officially named "Food For Thought". You'll see why. In other news, I'm still stuck with HORRIBLE WRITER'S BLOCK for chapter 12. SO! Since people here are three or four flavors of amazing, I'm putting this forward to you all. Someone (another furry on another furry site) suggested I can alleviate my stagnation by doing a commissioned story. Well, I went with the idea, with a twist. If people shoot me a private message (or, hell, even type it out in the comment bar) containing the characters, species, setting, and minor bits of importance within 3-5 sentences, I will pick one to three of the best beginnings (depending on how many people care enough to write me) and write a full yiff on it. Of course, I will credit you as co-author (don't want to be a douchebag to anyone, you see) for the story and post it up for everyone to see! An example is below;

(m/m, raccoon and wolf, first-time, cub/young, anal) Daniel and Arthur sat in the middle of the living room of Daniel's parent's house, the clock chiming 12:00 midnight. Daniel, a nine-year-old, hugged his tail and snuggled close to Arthur as they watched Zombie Monster of Megadeth 4 on the television, a soft whimper escaping him as blood sprayed the walls and screams filled the air. Arthur, Daniel's best wolfy pal in the world, wrapped an arm protectively around the smaller cub. They had been friends since before they could walk, and their friendship bordered on something special that neither understood.

As you probably know (or don't) I'm not too much of a fan of rape, guro, vore, scat and watersports, and a few others, but I try to be open-minded, so don't hesitate to shoot me something awesome!

At the very least, you'll get a message with a hug and a kiss from lil' ol' me.
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