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learning english to leanr japanise

    Long time ago i start english coruse classes...   but honestly i never put so much effort on that cause inglish was so boring... and useless.... at the very begining....    after i starded to play videogames ... and sudenly i see than I should  do a lot more... cause if i wanth to know wath to do in a game i need to understand wath I was reading...   i learn inglish by myself...     but i was like a native american inglish... no gramar no articles no times....     when i finally go back to the institute i was put on a very low level and i should start again...   that frustrated me a lot... i though than i already know inglish ( that happen at agust 2010)...

    yesterday frebruary 18...  can´t stand more and i ask for a level change...    now i´m at level 7-8 wich is good but not the best...   (actually means than i skip only one semester 5-6) but is better cause if i stay stuck in the level i was i gonna be so bored than i just don´t enough effort; again...)

   Now also yesterday   have a urge to learn japanise...   why?  well because in mexico, people of my age grow up whit japanise series, movies mangas... cards games and some other stuff...     and well   most of them were raw traslation to english... so if you traslate that inglish sound gross in spanish...    most of the people than grew up with anime in their live have the need to learn japanise to see wath  the charater really wanth to say...

       now here I´m...   in a journey to lear Japanise (especially how to read it) i downloaded My japanise couch for nintendo wii... it will help me whit the vocabulary...  but most interesting thing is than the game is actually in inglish...    

       so besides the posibility to comunicate whit barelly all people arounf the world... english aslo going to help to learn japanise... the irony... the most simple to learn lenguage...   going to help me to learn one of the most dificult to learn lenguage...  

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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Yo empece a estudiar ingles desde el colegio y en todos los años sacaba excelentes notas en esa materia...eso termino por aburrirme y empecé a estudiar Japones. Si te das cuenta, algunas palabras del Japonès comun son extranjerismos (como "toilet", "arbeit"(trabajo alterno) o como "Tempura" (vocablo de origen portugues). Y lo mejor de todo es que el Japones no tiene muchos tiempos verbales como el Ingles, aunque el modo formal termine por enredar un poco.
7 years, 10 months ago
veamos yo unicamente voy en los numeros algunos colores y algunos animales... y palabras de vocabulario comun...    obviamente me va afaltar toda la estructura gramatical.....
    pero con leerlo me conformaria por el momento....

   La pregunta es donde empezaste a estudiar ingles?
7 years, 9 months ago
Como dije antes, el Ingles me lo aprendi desde el colegio. Luego empece a estudiar Japones hace 5 años, paré durante unos meses y volvi a retomarlo en una academia de lenguas asiaticas.
Hasta mi profesor es japones nativo X3
7 years, 10 months ago
You know full well I gladly help you with English :)  And there’s a lot for you to learn, especially with spelling and some grammar too.  In fact, if you weren’t so shy about talking on Skype, I could have already started helping you out.
7 years, 10 months ago
hehe  i´m shy to talk in english but not in japanise....  so weird....
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