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So... Should I stop writing?

So yeah kind of been in a slump lately.

Don't know why, but just ain't quite feeling myself as a writer. Might have been because for all the effort I put into writing my stories, I get some faves and comments/watches (to which all who do these things I appreciate it more than you'll ever realize) and yet I can click on any random, horrible written story here or anywhere else and just cause it's filled with both A and B type material that it instantly blows away all my numbers and makes me just hate the fact I'm trying so hard.

Makes me feel like I'm catering to the wrong writing sometimes. Like maybe I'm writing the wrong thing. Lord know everyone loves a shota, cub, gay, vacuum cleaner, incest, bukkake, anal vore story right >.<

Don't mind me I'm just venting *sighs* Why did I have to be a character driven story teller instead of a straight smut peddler? Now those stories I could push out infinitely faster and more frequently, just would feel wrong doing it...
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
do not ever let that discourage you from writing the story you want to write. There are plenty one off porn stories that people go and fap too and those and those but a great story with great characters with lots of development may not get same views and favs as others because some people just cannot keep up with long stories. But there are still those that will read your stories and they are out there just remember, They will fap once to the story but will they ever come back?

As for the slump, It happens to all writiers where we just have no way to write the way we want to. It is normally a phase that writers have to work through or let it pass. Your motivitation to write will return so hang in there.
6 years, 7 months ago
I had the same thoughts at one point with my story. You know what it did? Make me work harder on my series. I don't want to just dump out 5 minute sex stories. There's no connection to your characters when you do that. I want my story to have laughs, cries, gasps and omg's. You can't get that from a quickie story. Don't stop writing because someone else does something different. If you conform and start doing it the way their doing it, you'll get watchers yes, but not for works you can be proud of you know?
No insult to people who write quick stories okay!
Saintkoopa is right too. I get into that slump when I know I have to write but don't really feel it, but once I pull out the papers and read what I wrote previously I get pumped and want to write. XD That's just me though. If you need to take a break, do it. If you force yourself to do something and you don't feel like it, it makes you more prone to quit altogether. As for the watchers and views I bet you're beating me. Give me one sec to compare.
Page views - you: 8750 me: ooh 545. (Kinda proud it's that high. XD)
Submission views - you: 8589 me: 478
Favorites - you: 308 me: 6? (What?!)
What I mean is my numbers are far lower than yours but I'm still proud of them (minus the favorites >.>). If your numbers aren't as high as you like, then you need to make sure you do your best every time. You don't get views from bad work. As for me, I'm setting my goal to get to at least your level of views. Give it time too. People need time to find your work.
6 years, 7 months ago
Actually I'm proud of the favorites too. It could be a 0. So I'm happy someone considers my work favorable at all. 50 times more consider yours favorable. That's awesome no matter how you look at it.
6 years, 7 months ago
You shouldn't stop writing! You are amazing and can do work that no one else could! You're a special writer because it isn't just straight on smut; you write for the story, and the characters.That's what makes you a beautiful writer. See everyone else's comments? ^ they support you as i do too!
6 years, 7 months ago
My two cents:

No, you shouldn't stop writing. But you should take a break. Writing never leaves you, and it'll eventually come back anyway.

Regarding your types of stories, I'll have you know that my smutty stories always get more likes/attention, but I find that my plot driven stories are more rewarding, and earn me my most loyal readers. Sure, you could get many off with smut, and satisfy them once, or you could write an absolutely enthralling story, and gain a few more loyal readers, who hang onto every word.

(P.S. I still haven't read your latest story, yet it's still in my watchlist. I wish I had more opportunity. Possibly this weekend... But I expect it to be fuggin' awesome as always.)
6 years, 7 months ago
NO! Of course you shouldn't, your writing is some of the best out there, in my opinion! :) Please do keep writing, it's just too good for you not to.
And if you really want the favorites and watchers, then write some smut every once in a while to get your name out. Then people will come back for the good stuff, too! Just my thoughts.... :D
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