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The kink list

okay, I'm here. if you want a pic or story from me, here's what I like:

genders/sexual preferences:
male- :D
female- :D
herm- :D
straight- :D
bi- :D
gay- :)

feline- :D
mustelid/skunk- :D
rodents- :D
raccoon- :D
bat- :D
kangaroo- :)
rabbit- :)
hyena- :)
equine- :)
dragon/dinosaur/reptile- :)
lemur- :)
canine- :)
avian- :)
bear- :)
misc. mythical- :)
mixed species- :)
sheep/goat- :)
deer/antelope- :)
bovine- meh.
ape- meh.
sea mammal/shark- bleh.
amphibian- bleh.
elephant/hippo/rhino/etc.- bleh.
pig/boar- bleh.
seal/sea lion/walrus- bleh.
various other species that wouldn't translate well to anthro- no.
human- fine elsewhere, but not here or on other furry sites.

hyper- :D
muscle- :D
paws- :D
growth- :D
furriness/fluffiness- :D
spooge/lactation- :D
oral- :D
embracing/kissing/nuzzling- :D
purring- :D
musk/pheromones- :D
food inflation/cum inflation- :D
love- yesyesyesyesyesyes. if love comes in, bonus points from me. <3
furry rule 34- if you were the same species, would you think they were hot? does it not take too much imagination to picture private parts? if not, then no thanks. so that means no jigglypuff or huckleberry hound or something creepy like that.
nonfurry rule 34- please stop.
zoophilia- if combined with any of the above, then definitely yes.
cubs- do they look like adults? are they at the very least sexually mature? if not, no thanks.
macro- okay as long as it doesn't focus too much on destruction/death/violence in general.
fat- mostly bellies/butts. notable muscle a must.
transformation- as long as he/she's not human too long.
gender shifting- depends on whether or not they like it.
magic/chemicals/machines- do they have sexual side effects?
alcohol/tobacco/drugs- only if for humor.
teeth- I love big, sharp, drool-covered chompers, especially on felines and rodents.
ears- big ones.
lips- thick, black, kissable lips on furs = umf.
stripping/exhibitionism- alright with me.
sub/dom- do they like it that way? then fine.
pregnancy- if it's an extremely heavy pregnancy, I'll like it as long as it's not painful. normal pregnancy, not so much.
roleplay/ageplay- if it's all in fun, then fine.
bondage- only if they wanted to.
anal- only if totally necessary.
prominent anuses- absolutely not.
incest- is there a possibility of offspring? then no.
voyeurism- I guess.
bodypaint- meh.
micro- I don't get it.
inflation (balloons/toys)- I don't get it.
plushophilia- I don't get it. kind of creepy too.
rubber/latex- I usually ignore it if the subject is attractive enough.
plants/tentacles- eww.
bad hygiene/body odor/skunk spray- double eww.
watersports/scat/diapers/vomit- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE
vore/gore/torture/kidnapping/rape/etc.- NO.

this is just my personal taste. if you don't like it, then I don't wanna hear about it, 'kay?
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