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Kingdom Hearts - War of the Worlds RP forum

Years have passed since the defeat of Xemnas at the hands of Sora. The worlds were at peace for the time being, but now darkness has spread to the worlds once more as Xehanort had been freed from Terra and now is once again whole. Xehanort has revived his apprentice Vanitas from the darkness in Ventus's heart in which Ventus had regained. Aqua had been freed from the realm of Darkness and now Riku and Kairi have become wielders of the Keyblade as well.

The Six Key-bearers Terra,Ventus, Aqua as well as Sora, Riku and Kairi have entered to a fierce war between the worlds. Xehanort has also revived the members of Organization XIII as well as the Nobodies. Xemnas however had not returned. The worlds have divided into three worlds, Hollow Bastion, Traverse Town and the World That Never Was. Hollow Bastion's castle is now ruled by Xehanort who is also fighting against Malefacent and the Heartless as well as the Disney villians for the castle's control, meanwhile the Key-bladers and the heroes have taken up a headquarters in the world of Traverse Town while Organization XIII had returned to their headquarters in the World That Never Was. Sora and the other Key-wielders must put a stop to the war before the worlds are all destroyed in darkness. Heroes have united with the Keyblade Masters to fight against the darkness..... The war has been fought in the one world that the Keyblade War had taken place....... the Keyblade Graveyard......

Enter the war of Kingdom Hearts......and choose your path of heart.....

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