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Kin-Stream Weekend!

Whats this Kin-Stream Weekend, I hear you ask? Well, it's simple! Not this weekend coming, but next weekend (Starting Friday the 25th) I'll be streaming for as long as I want too. Both on Friday night and Saturday night. So why is this any different from other streams, I hear you ask? Because my wife, daughter and son wont be in the house! I wont have to worry about my kids waking up, or being quiet because my wife is watching TV. I can be as loud as I want, play what I want and do what I want. So I plan on doing whatever catches my fancey! :D So, what things can I do on the weekend? Well, ofcourse there the videogames I can play. Which I'll list in a moment. There's art streams I can do (depending on if I have any art to do or are in the mood for it). Then there's ofcourse the simple "Meet Me" streams I do befor I start a normal stream. I could do those for longer I guess. So below is a list of all the games I have, if you want me to play one just tell me what you guys wanna see me play! Or hell, I could just choose what to play on the days and at the time. But I always like to give you lot a choice :P

Amnesia - The Dark Decent
Champions Online (But who'd wanna see me play an MMORPG :\)
Dead Space 2
Dead Rising 2
Fallout 3
Just Cause 2
Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam, so I can play with people now ^.^)
Splintercell Conviction

So, those are the games I have on my comp. Which ones would you like to see me play?! It's your votes, people. So vote for 'em! So what does that mean for this weekends streams? I may still do them. Depends on if anyone wants to see 'em. Or just wait untill next weekend so you can get the best action I can provide ^.^ So if you guys want me too, I'll stream tomorrow night and saturday night. Just tell me, and I'll do them.

Peace out, keeps!
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
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