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Info on my fursona character Surtr.

He usually appears in his anthro form, but he is also capable of shifting into his feral form. In his anthro form he stands at a height of 7ft 5in with a biomass of mostly muscle. This causes him to have a weight around 415 lbs. His hide is thick and red in hue along with two 1in tall ridges that start upon his cranium and run along the length of his body. Said ridges become one 2in ridge at the base of his tail and ending at the tip. His tail is quite thick and stretches to a length rivaling his height, 6ft 10in, and is a bit bumpier compared to majority of his body. His claws are black in hue and are thick and 1.5in in length. His belly scales are a bone white and are quite noticeable due to his vibrant hide color. Along with the usual teeth that remain exposed, the usual croc maw, he has one particularly large fang facing upwards along the right side of his maw.

Temperament: His behavior is very honest, to best describe it, which most might perceive as rude. He doesn't like ” hints” or ” fake smiles” since he is a very literal croc. To make things simple; if he likes you he will just outright tell you. He also doesn't like questions. He will rarely ask and he doesn't like being asked. He almost never gets angry, but he does get annoyed. He'll hiss or grumble, so you'll know pretty quickly. He is slightly vain and will be mostly seen cleaning his exposed teeth and rubbing away whatever imaginary mess on his tail. He also isn't too fond of talking. He doesn't mind one go on and on as long as he isn't required to say much. He is also slightly lazy which causes him to lounge about.

Clothing: he likes the color black and prefers simple designs. He does like shiny and slightly ridiculous things. Like perhaps a necklace full of another predator's fangs. He isn't weirded out by another species dead parts, including his own, because crocodiles are pretty open about being cannibalistic tendencies. He doesn't go around eating people, so calm down everyone. He just may do it openly.

Likes: soft furries and proud scalies. This is due to his instinctual subconscious prey drive and his attraction to other formidable reptiles. He adores cuddles and lounging about. Meat that nobody will get mad at if eaten. Water, duh. Silence, probably due to his liking of lounging about.

Dislikes: Avian species, birds, of most species. They just seem too edible to him. Bright lights due to his slightly sensitive eyes. People that can't sit down. People who are too happy.

Age: 21, you can tell by the ridges of any croc's tail.

Powers: Aura manipulations, which will be explained in a separate journal entry
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