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New Woof!

Recently alot happened that I didn't anticipate and I have spent a while recovering from it. Honestly, it's been a rough time for me. So rough that I questioned everything about myself. I think I came out on the better side of things. I took the night to not sleep and totally look for that fabled second Wolfblade comic, if I had read Inkbunny journal I would have noticed that it hasn't come out(SADFACE) but it did give me a chance to discover alot of new furry artists. I made some fur friends who have been pretty welcoming and not all for my cock which is a welcome change.

So i decided it was time for a fresh change.
New Fursona-Red/White husky with a half smile and blue eyes named Valentine. I'm pretty out there as far as things go, sex i'll try anything. Romance, bring it buddy, and zany antics, i danced in Barnes and Noble to "Sleazy by Ke$ha(what does that tell you).  

Gonna take better control of my time and get things done. I understand that due to laziness things have not been progressing the way I wanted. But thanks to that bitch of an Ice Storm I had no choice but to put in 48 hours at my job and while doing it I was able to see my good points and my flaws. As well as make a fat check so lately I have been trying to implement the changes in my personal view to the rest of my life.

Busted out my sketch book and got back to work, skipping college one more time to get caught up on everything as well as take of my friend's baby while she is away on a date. Really wish I had a date, or atleast some yiff action going on on Heart Day but ehhhh.  I'm not that worried about that, as opposed to getting the rest of my life going the way i want it too.

No i'm not going to Furry Fiesta. I thought about it but financially it wouldn't be the most brilliant move, and me and my now ex boyfriend called it 3 weeks ago and he is going and though we chatter on yahoo I really don't feel up to seeing his sexy scottish ass yet.

Dating, supposedly I'm dating a Hyena almost(we're not official til we meet in person) and so far so good. I asked him to be my valentine and he ignored me for the length of the day before. *sadface* but its alright.  Kinda down but as a whole so far things are going alright.

Since i'm wide awake with Ke$ha;s Cannibal album going I am gonna cook some breakfast and bust out some homework.

Then its look at tutorials for drawing furry art and see if I can't accurately bring Valentine to life.

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Added: 8 years ago
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