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hmm, furfright security thingey heh

Seen a lot of discussion about this, but it seems from what I've read it's mainly dragoneer and his friends complaining....

just trying to figure out whether its a legtimate complaint or that group bitching...since dragoneer did have an issue with them at a previous con too about standing on his balcony (couldnt find details about it, just that an incident occurred)

now the gist of the complaints is that they were asking loud rooms to be quiet (ok having worked at a hotel, Ive had to do the same thing often, so maybe they were helping out the hotel?)

they were making sure people entering the hotel had a right to be there by showing con badge or room key....dont see a great problem with that either (again this is something a hotel may do during events - heard a reference to FOX news trying to get in the hotel heheh)

problems occurred when people refused to comply or were talking back to security...if a guest was doing that at a hotel I worked at, yes, hotel staff would do the same thing, kick them out or threaten to bring in the police...I've called the police myself several times on guests.

supposedly someone got pushed for being in the way of the fursuit parade, bad if happened...

and the other complaint seems to be they handled the evacuation badly in their opinions....now evacuations are confusing things directing hundreds of people to get out of a building, having had firealarms go off in a hotel, its hard to control and many guests just do whatever they want.    (Had one go off after a big wedding party where half the people were drunk --probably similar and a MESS)  so give them a break maybe?

so anyone actually go to this thing and witness anything other than dragoneer's lil group of friends?
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
You know... for a channel called FOX, there are not enough furries let alone open minded people working there...

sounds pretty legit... I find it a bit of an overreaction to call the police on guests or throw them out simply for talking back... but I guess that's america for you.
6 years, 4 months ago
well supposedly from what i heard they refused to show any evidence that they belonged in hotel, when all they had to do was show a room key or con badge....normally when security tells you to do something, you dont refuse and talk back...seems a sense of entitlement was involved...if someone in authority anywhere asks for some form of ID to prove you belong there, refusing and talking back is a bad idea and generally leads to involving the police
6 years, 4 months ago
Here in switzerland, it is common to give them about 5 minutes of own time to show it to the reception if they refuse to show it in place... and then you throw them out or call the police. Usually makes the situation a fair bit less heated and personal too.
Also, if they show it to the reception, they have to be looked up by name and stuff which takes a lot longer and is kind of a punishment. Also, if they show up with a friend who has a room, they can get a guest-something, usually a badge, bracelet or token.
6 years, 4 months ago
if you are asked to do something by hotel/motel staff/security and you do not comply you are at fault not the staff(well unless its something lude and or silly >>). There are policies have to be followed... you wouldnt tell a cop " no " when he asks for your license and registration would you? sounds like some people got rowdy and were probably drunk and staff had to break it up ect and people are butt hurt about it.
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