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The contest Comic: planning stages, cast of characters

The plan is for a party of 7-10 of my own characters to enter the dungeon full of sexy monsters, and I want to use no more than two characters of each gender/sex, treating the options for those as:
* herm,
* intersex/androgynous (genitals that are not clearly male or female),
* male,
* female,
* ftm (transman, pussyboy),
* mtf (transgirl/futa)

In the end, it's down to my decision, but here's the characters I'm trying to choose from, and opinions on them would be welcome. Inspiration for classes and alignments is heavily drawn from the Pathfinder RPG:
Dzi: female snow lioness, as a milky Lawful Good Paladin;
Bryn: hyper-busty female human, as a true Neutral Rogue;
Rachel : hyper-busty female ewe, as a Lawful Neutral Magus specializing in Necromancy;
Tiffany: female dog, as a Lawful Good Cleric;
Majesty: female dog (Tiffany's mom), as a Neutral Good Wizard;
Stars: female armadillo, as a Lawful Neutral Oracle;
Malice: female dog, as a Chaotic Good Gunslinger;
Sanaa: female gorilla, as a true Neutral Weaponizer (weapons-related magic, including temporarily transforming allies into weapons);

Nuha: hyper-busty mtf dormouse, as a Neutral Good Ordinator (living computer, with calculating and processing-based abilities);
Folami: hyper-cocked mtf elephant, as a Chaotic Neutral urban Barbarian;
Ceridwen (on the right): mtf-appearing musimon, as a Lawful Neutral Druid, specifically a Menhir Savant- a mistress of the magic of places and ley lines;

Maxie (myself!): herm balaur, as a Neutral Good Druid specializing in creating life;
Paeon: herm peony, as a Chaotic Neutral Samurai;
Mary: herm horned gopher, as a Neutral Good Ranger who specializes in burrowing;
Mel: herm pig, as a Chaotic Good Barbarian;

Padma: male rhino, as a Lawful Good Monk in the style of south Indian martial arts;
Tzvi: male deer, as a True Neutral Summoner who calls upon angelic beings;
Allon: male red squirrel, as a Chaotic Good Nut Knight- a specialist in nut, seed, and semen-related abilities;
Cotton: male cat, as a Chaotic Neutral Sorcerer specializing in sweetness-related magic;
Kelly: male bull, as a Chaotic Good Bard;
Rajiv: male honey badger, as a true Neutral Enchanter;
Nizar: male homunculus, as Neutral Good Alchemist.

Gintaras: ftm tiger, as a Chaotic Good Fighter;
Zane: ftm nightmare, as a Neutral Evil Cavalier, specifically, a Musketeer;
Lei: ftm dog, as a Chaotic Good Witch, specializing in changing his appearance;
Casey: intersex tofurkey, a Lawful Good Inquisitor of Ardarvia, the good goddess of bondage;
Choovio: intersex pronghorn antelope, as a Lawful Good Rogue, specifically a parkour-styled Roof Runner;
Some of these characters are intended to be in relationships, and work well together: Stars and Mel, and Sanaa with both Folami and Padma. Additionally, Nizar is the servant of my 'sona, Maxie.
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