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A Few Things...

First off, tomorrow's stream will start late.  MadDog and I need to go somewhere that's out of the way.  He has a job interview and I need to open my bank account so I can actually withdraw money from Paypal.  If his interview goes well, I'll be reasonably late (5:30ish, possibly later).

Also, now that things are settling I'm going to do sketchmission days again.  Things will be a little different for how they go.  Sketchmission streams are going to be quick sketches.  On Sketchmission days I'll do minor cleanup, but no inking.  If you want to do added work on a picture, it'll require inclusion on my commission queue but you'll only be charged the difference of sketch to ink and beyond.

Prices for sketchmission days are:
Very Rough Sketch(Very quick, no cleanup):  $5 single character, +$3 each extra character.
Example - Example - Example - Example - Example - Example - Example - Example
Rough Sketch(Quick, with minor line reinforcement):  $8 single character, +$5 each extra character.
Example - Example (Each one is an individual sketch) - Example - Example - Example - Example

That's true for most works I do, as well.  If you ever choose to upgrade the quality of an image, in most cases it's just the difference of the previous step.  So if you buy an ink and later want it flat-colored, the cost of the color is the upgrade.  For a single character flat color from a single character ink it'd be $5 more ($35 for the flat color - $30 for ink = $5).  If it's a two character flat color upgraded to a soft shaded, it'd be $10 more ($65 for soft shaded - $55 for flat color = $10).  So technically you can always pay in installments for an image to be really nice.  You'll see results for the part you pay for as I can produce them.  If you want to make changes at the same time, however, and the changes fall outside of the change request rules listed on my pricing page, we will most likely need to negotiate compensation over the added work.  Changes are cumulative over the entire lifetime of the image.  So if you pay in installments, a change you have done in inking still counts toward the changes done even if you've paid up through a lineless color job.  I'm a reasonable guy, but especially right now, my time is valuable.  I'm trying to make sure I can keep my apartment.

As always, never assume I will accept even an upgrade to an image.  Put in a request for a commission or upgrade when there's a free slot in my queue and wait for me to get back to you.  I check emails every 15 minutes (Thank you, phone), and I check PM's a couple of times a day.  If you pay in advance for something I haven't even been made aware of, I may not realize that I've been paid for it or not know what the payment is for.  Please make sure any sketchmission or commission requests are made in PM or email.  Not IM, not comment on a journal, and definitely not in my stream chat.  It will probably get lost or forgotten if you do.

Don't be afraid to contact me with any questions!  Just don't be offended if I'm slow or don't respond right away.  I don't hate you for sending me a message, I'm sure you're fun to talk to, and I'm not complaining about your questions to my friends.  Odds are I'm just out job hunting, sleeping, or flooding my kitchen.
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
I believe I'm understanding this right, and I get the thrust of this, that sketchmission days will be roughs and quickies, as they're the most affordable and he can churn right through them. More detailed or elaborate works would involve a queue not on a sketchmission day. ... I have that right, WG?
6 years, 8 months ago
The commission queue posted on my main page, yar.
6 years, 8 months ago
So you jsut have fucktons of cash sitting in paypal? Thats SO dangerous, they tend to just freeze peoples accounts and take the money with very little reason :D
6 years, 8 months ago
If $115 is a fuckton. =D
6 years, 8 months ago
it could buy you at least 12 visits to A&W
6 years, 8 months ago
Why don't we have some fries buhbuh check me out.  I'm obviously made of fish.  Abdomen and dried fish.
6 years, 8 months ago
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