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Shower Idea's

Okay I have my strangest Ideas in the shower in the morning... I don't know why but I do... some of them work out into stories  but I think I'm gonna start journaling the non story ones for fun.  In fact this Idea is sometihng I'll be posting on TVtropes later today in the wildmass guessing section of one of there pages

It's an Adventure time theory

The Lub-Glubs are related to the Rainicorns

For those who don't watch the show Lub-Glubs are black amorphues blobs who hide in pool toys and eat Hyoomans (fish people) and are afraid of light.  Why would I think that these monsters are related to the rainbow colored transforming unicorns with light based powers?   Well for one there diet is Hyoomans, lady rainicorn's parents said that before they went extinct they used to eat humans.  Now they said this through a translator that translated all there words into old man speak, and they had very bad eyes.  so it's not at all hard to think that they though the human, was a hyooman, since fin wears a hat in hyooman fasion.  

Both races can shapshift, and size change.  My thought is that long ago the hyoomans were on the verge of extinction and fled underground.  A group of rainicorns fearfull to lose there food supply went after them.  None were ever seen again... probably because the rainacorn dog wars started up it was forgotten.  Over the centuries the Hyoomans a prey race devolved into a paranoid cowardly lot and the rainacorns, being separated from the light living underground exposed to weird magic toxic waste, and radiation became morlock like versions of themselves from creatures of the light to creatures of the dark.  they prey on hyoomans because thats all they know
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Makes very much sense :) Never thought of it that way before hehe
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