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Toucat Server UPDATE (critical information contained)

Hello Players!

This e-mail is full of information, so please take the time to at least skim through each paragraph. There are going to be some temporary and permanent changes to our server and this is going to fill everyone in! If you have any questions after reading this e-mail, PLEASE write to Toucatserver@gmail.com. That is our official server e-mail.

Due to some issues the server is having with Tekkit, we're going to use a temporary Vanilla 1.4.2 map. The reason we're generating a new map is for the safety of everything that was set up in our Tekkit server. Some of you have memories back to our spotty days, back when parts of the map would reset and everything would be lost. No more! We've got our Tekkit world tucked away safely and we're giving you a shiny new Vanilla map to mess around with in the mean time. Build some awesome stuff and we can feature you "Top Builder" on our website! *see website info below*

**coming soon*

Toucat is in the process of creating a desperately needed server website. We're going to have different plans for our tumblr/twitter feeds. No longer will you have to rely heavily on those updates. This website is going to have all the basic information about our beloved Tekkit server. It will have the following features:
A place for potential new players to sign up to join our server. They can easily fill out a form on the site and all the information gets sent to a special e-mail. Joining a server has never been so easy!
A page of basic information about our Server. Almost everything you need to know about our town will be in this section. Also, we'll be giving special shout outs to our most amazing players here!
If you were confused as to who is staff on the server, then you can check out the staff page. It'll have positions too, so you can know who to contact incase of a problem.
There will be an admin ticket page. If there's something wrong with the server, you can fill out a ticket and get it sent to an admin. This is where you can contact Toucat directly with any player issues.
The event page will keep everyone up to date on the next server event and other announcements. There's a calendar and time zone table that will help you stay on time. Also, an RSVP form to ensure your spot in an event!
Aaaand finally...a donation page. Because Toucat is cheap and can't afford to keep this server running forever (especially when we get more people and we need to expand). Currently, we are able to accept donations but since Toucat can afford to keep this low-key server running, they're not necessary at this time.
Date: Saturday, November 3rd
Where: IP address

An e-mail is going to be sent out this coming week that'll direct you to our next server game, THE WALLS. There's going to be a limited number of slots for players, so we need people to RSVP so we will know if two games need to be played or if we can extend the time in the first one. The website will be finished this weekend, so everyone will be able to RSVP online and ensure their spot. Here's a preview of the event:

The Walls - PvP Survival

View Video: **Here**

View Webpage: **Here**

The Walls is a PvP survival map that takes back Minecraft to it's roots: crafting, surviving and creativity. The map is separated by giant sand walls, players start each on their own platforms and when the timer reach 00:00, the walls falls and the player can kill each others. The last man standing wins the game. You can craft armors, build traps, canons, fortress and much more... just like minecraft, the world is yours. Hidden treasures will give you an edge with unobtainable items on this limited world.  

Thanks for reading this e-mail and for updating yourself on the server. Please send an e-mail to Toucatserver@gmail.com if there is an issue!
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