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5 things meme (made this one up myself X3)

Not sure why I came up with this, but I'm doing it anyway.
I call it the five things meme because I felt like it X3

Five things you've always known about yourself or learned at least five years ago.

1. I'm a furry and a fox.
2. I've wanted the name Chinook.
3. I have a serious thing for white socks.
4. I'd be in a computer related profession.
5. Wearing a collar feels strangely right.

Five things you learned about yourself within the past five years

1. I can orgasm more than once without going flaccid between.
2. I loves cock! Was always a suspicion but now it's confirmed.
3. Apparently I'm good looking. Who knew? :O.
4. I'm forgetful as all hell. I should give up pot for a while and see what happens.
5. College is not a good learning environment for me. I work better alone.

Five things about yourself you still need to learn or are unsure about

1. Why is my sexuality so unstable. I suppose it could be called complicated, but it's really not. It's unstable. Some days I'm into males, some days into females, etc.
2. Can I actually love someone? And by extension, do I really love my dog. Would I cry if he were suddenly taken from me? Suddenly killed?
3. Why am I furry? I've always liked shows and games with anthros, Silverwing, Starfox, Robin Hood, etc. But why?
4. Why am I always so angry? Is it my family or is that just the excuse I've come up with?
5. I've never found humans attractive. Can I be attracted to a human like I am anthros?
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