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Hmm... No Sleep...

Yeah... I tried sleeping, but that kind of failed miserably. So, I just resorted to looking around the internet for an hour, hoping I'd crash or something. Then 2 AM came, and I decided to just watch TV until I fell asleep... By 3, I gave up on sleep just entirely and decided to do laundry since I was awake. But the basement was flooded (again), so that plan was out of the question.

So, yeah... It's now 4. My alarm doesn't ring for 2 hours, and I don't have to be ready really until 7. Random journal about me having gotten no sleep, despite me having been tired at one point. Also going to say other things, because I'm in a state of... I don't even know anymore...

So... Yeah... I've been writing, because of Spanish class, various stories in Spanish. Short stories, albeit, but still stories. I was wondering... Do any of my watchers speak Spanish? Cause if so, I will start posting them here ^^ If not, I won't really do so.

(A paragraph on religion; skip if you want.) As I've been getting more and more in to my faith, I've noticed I'm getting more in tune with myself. Overall, I'm starting to feel my average emotional level slightly higher these past few weeks than usual. Sure, I've had a couple extreme lows, but more sustained periods of joy. I don't know, I think I just needed a stronger sense of spirituality in my life. (talkAboutReligion = false)

Anyways... As I continue driving, I find myself much more aware of the things that could, well... Kill me. So, I've found 3 areas I need to focus my training on: highways with multiple lanes, turns (especially left turns), and any situation involving a large truck. I mean, I still need to learn parallel parking, but it's not like I could die if I mess that up ^^; So... Any tips from experienced drivers?

Hmm... What else, what else... Oh, yeah. Spanish again. Though I'm learning Spanish, all the rules, and all that, I seem to be having a hard time with actually using those rules myself... I mean, I can understand Telemundo shows with good accuracy, I've translated many of my mom's fave songs with 70% accuracy according to her, but... I seem to be doing horrible in oral-based activities. I just... Can't physically speak the language... So, my grade in that class is just horrible... B-...

B-! Yeah, some are like: Meh, not bad. But my mom's family is all like intelligent rich people. So far from what I have seen in the family I do know, my Puerto Rican relatives are major successes in life: good work, on the upper side of the wealth spectrum, nice houses, high intelligence... So, yeah. High expectations Latino family ^^;

At one point I thought of going to the <acronym title="En Español."><a href="http://mayaguezinstituteoftechnology.net/">May... Institute of Technology</a></acronym>, but... I can't go there... Mainly because of the language issue, but yeah... I thought I'd know enough by now. But I wouldn't last there... Just a random other thing.

Anyways... You know what I haven't done? I have yet to define the exact heights of many of my characters ^^; Because they almost always appear in solo pics, they all seem to be the same height. So... Yeah. Maybe later I'll make a master pic of height comparisons amongst characters, including their height and actual body type.

So... Yeah... One more thing... I've realized I'm such a nerd in the sciences ^^; I enjoy science homework, my favorite teachers are in the math and science departments, I subscribe to 2 science magazines, and this website is in my favorites: http://www.sciencedaily.com/ ^^; So... Yeah... Quite.

Well, that's all, because I'm finally done with that state between sleep and waking, now being too awake to fall asleep any time soon. If you need me, I'll be doing stuff, since I don't have to go for 2 hours. I don't expect anyone to have read this journal anyways ^^; I just needed something to fill this time I would have wasted sleeping and dreaming my fear filled dreams anyways. So... Night.

P.S.: Climate control is horrible in my room. It's either overheating or freezing in here.
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