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Working on Some Sonic Stuff...  (SPOILERS!!!)

Okay, as I mentioned in my last journal... I made a promise to EVERYONE that I would read every issue of Sonic that I have not read yet, from issue 100 up to the present date.  As of right now...  I'm on issue 102. ^_^;;;;;    Stupid school and sickness. =_=;;;

ANYWAY, on a lighter note, this has inspired me to do some work on my Sonic stories and TRY to get some stuff done.  HOWEVER, what I wanna talk about...  Well, there are spoilers involved.  If you don't wanna hear about what's coming in the future of the SS250 Sonicverse, then skip on down to the second row of Asterisks (*) where I'll say "Spoilers over."  

If you're interested in some inspiration for my Sonic Hypnosis Contest... then read on!

*************SPOILERS BEGIN***************

So the next story in my SS250verse is titled, rather dumbly, Changes.  In it, I'm gonna bring about two vital events to allow me to continue to write the SS250verse stories...  Which I've said a dozen times before, but have never elaborated on.  Here's the plot...

Ixis Naugus attacks Knothole Village.  The Freedom Fighters try to repel him, using a spell they've learned from years of fighting magical foes, but Naugus fires a spell at Sally.  Bunnie leaps in the way and takes the hit for Sally, but the magic discharges through them both.  In the end, the innate magical abilities of the Acorn Bloodline are activated within Sally, and she develops weak magical abilities (it takes every ounce of power she has to vaporize a single SWATbot, and probably results in her unconsciousness).  Bunnie however, has all of her robotic parts converted to crystal.  She loses her super-strength, but gains a variety of new powers...  However, she is also now bound to Ixis Naugus's will, and is a helpless, mindless slave, forced to act as his spy and a sleeper agent in the Freedom Fighters for a future plot.

The whole Bunnie crystallized thing is how Archie SHOULD have handled it, rather than wasting her by deroboticizing her (nonsensically, I might add, but I'm not getting into that right now).  As for Sally's magic, the FFs face a variety of magical foes, yet have no magical fighters on THEIR side.  I figure by giving her weak powers, it might make her more interesting... and open up some plots.

From there, I have a number of storylines planned.  The first one is the Seven Sins story arc:

Sonic returns from another Zone to find that several months have passed on Mobius where only a few days have passed for him.  He returns to Knothole to find that seven of the Freedom Fighters, or their allies have been possessed by demonic forces.  Sally has become the Sin of Pride.  Tails has become Envy.  Amy Rose has become Lust.  Rouge the Bat has become Greed.  Antoine has become Gluttony.  Bunnie has become Sloth.  Knuckles has turned into Wrath.  The seven have essentially taken over the world, mind controlling everyone.  Sonic, however, finds himself possessed...  by an angelic being, and is sent out to go free his friends.

This story will contain the one thing I get asked to do most by people...  Male to futa transformation.  Yes, I'm caving in, but I'm doing it MY way.  You'll like it. :3

Another plot I have in mind is kinda untitled, but involves Tails being brainwashed by Robotnik.  He is sent into Knothole to gather "DNA samples" (read "DNA samples" as "cum") of all of the Freedom Fighters.  Using their DNA, Robotnik creates a clone-hybrid creature with Sonic's speed, Tails and Rotor's intelligence, Knuckles' strength, Sally's magic... and more.

Other future plots....  Nicole getting an artifical Mobian body, allowing her to permanently take form without her "handheld."  The Source of All seeking to possess Sally...  Scourge the Hedgehog corrupting the FFs to serve him...  And a lot more.

In addition to all of this, I'm working on a new story that takes place in an alternate Sonicverse, where all the Freedom Fighters are still children living in Mobotropolis.  Sally and Sonic are exploring Castle Acorn, when Sally finds a hidden chamber far below the Castle.  Contained within is the Source of All...  Which hypnotizes and takes possession of her.  Sally then proceeds to go around, fulfilling the Source's wish of creating ultimate order by removing free will from all of Mobius.  Meanwhile, Sonic discovers a chamber with seven glowing gemstones....  Which also hypnotize him and grant him powers to prevent this...

The new Cubverse is gonna be rather different in tone than the mainstream SS250verse.  I've generally tried to keep the main stories with balance of plot and sex...  Particularly with the upcoming stories that I'm working on.  However, the Cubverse, for lack of a better term, is gonna be raunchy.  There'll be plot, but mostly it's gonna be sex for sex's sake, and it's gonna be fun.  However, don't make the mistake of thinking that this universe is just the SS250verse in the past.

As I've established, the SS250verse is simply the Archie comics universe up to issue 100, where things diverge a bit.  The Cubverse changes WAY before that.  Characters may act differently, or have different relationships to each other than you remember.  For example...  Amy Rose is no longer a sweet, but spunky little girl.  In this universe, she's the world's biggest nymphomaniac... and that's just for starters. >;3

I might tell more Cubverse stories later, elaborating on the world, but for now, the Source plot is the only one I have in mind.

*****************SPOILERS OVER******************

As I said before, there are now only two months left to submit your stories for the Sonic Hypnosis Contest.  I'll post a more detailed journal on Halloween, but for now, a quick summary:

Your submission MUST involve Princess Sally and Bunnie Rabbot.  They don't have to be the main characters, but they MUST be in the story.  It must contain hypnosis and sex.  It can be a picture, a story, or a flash animation, or a comic.   THE PRIZE IS TO HAVE A FANCHARACTER APPEAR IN ANY ONE OF MY STORIES... AND 100 DOLLARS TO SPEND ON COMMISSIONS!!!!

A lot of people have been remarking that they don't have any ideas, or are having trouble.  To help, I'm writing a Sonic Profiles document.  This document will contain profiles and vital information on EVERY major character in the SS250verse and the Cubverse...  So take a look, maybe you can come up with some sort of ideas from it.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now.  More news tomorrow, or later.  Rock on!
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Just in regards to the Sonic stuff (non adult, this, and set in the games continuity).... I have a theory that Miles Prower/Tails is actually an artificial life form created by Ivo Robotnik (in the same way Shadow was by Gerald Robotnik), as a son for him and as someone to stop him if he ever went nuts. (Like he does in each game).
Tails was too young, when Ivo went mad the first time... but luckily Sonic stepped up, and (insert Sonic game series).
This helps explain why game!Robotnik, unlike Archie!Robotnik, often allies with the heroes when something he's done gets too out of control - he's come down from his mad science spree and is now helping. It also explains where Tails learned to be a mechanic in the absence of Rotor, and the whole "two tails" thing.
6 years, 5 months ago
Uh, nnnnnno, I don't think so... Since Ivo Robotnik has tried to Roboticize Tails and all.  Also my continuity is based off the Archie continuity, so he has parents. ^^;
6 years, 5 months ago
That's why I specified the game continuity. As far as I am aware, Robotnik builds duplicates rather than roboticizing people in that continuity. I'm aware of the distinction between the two... though if he has turned a roboticizer on Tails in the GAME continuity, then the explanation could be a simple "in the grip of mad science".
As far as the Archie continuity goes, though, a silly sprite comic set (almost) entirely in that continuity is Power Rings. For no adequately explained reason, Tails in that webcomic always seems to have boobs... even when, as far as he was aware, he was male... Aside from that, though, it's mostly just straight-up parody.
6 years, 5 months ago
In the Game continuity, he roboticizes animals.  That's why animals always pop out of them when you destroy Badniks.  And he has tried to roboticize Tails there.
6 years, 5 months ago
I was under the impression that they were the power source. In Sonic Advance 3 (and other games), animals no longer pop out - so he found a more efficient one. Similarly, in Sonic Colours some of them have Wisps in - again, power source.
And which game was this he tried to roboticize Tails? I'm surprised, I must not have run across it or missed it somehow.
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