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That fucking DOES IT.

I have fucking HAD it with how everyone on this motherfucking planet TREATS ME! I have fucking HAD it with all of the bullying, all of the using, all of the being treated like some sort of sex object or way to GET sex in general! I HAVE HAD IT!

FIRST OFF, I'm so fucking SICK of how hardly ANY of you motherfuckers pay ANY fucking attention to ANY of my fucking journals! SO WHAT if you have nothing to say!? You could at least READ the motherfucking things! Hardly ANY of these get ANY motherfucking views and I have fucking HAD IT with that because it makes me think you bunch of fuckers are just USING me to get to view indecent pictures of my CHARACTER! >.< GET A FUCKING LIFE and quit using me for naughty pics, and PERHAPS you all could start READING THESE FUCKING JOURNALS instead of making me feel USED!

SECOND OFF, I have fucking HAD IT with people in online games! -.-* All of them are bunch of fucking trolls and lifeless bitches who only live to live to see people like ME, who doesn't DESERVE this sort of fucking bullshit, RAGE! I swear to fucking god I would kick ALL of their sorry fucking asses IRL if I could get my hands on them! I AM SICK of being treated like SHIT and I DEMAND that I get the motherfucking respect I DOWNRIGHT DESERVE! Instead of this BULLSHIT everyone absolutely LOVES to fucking put me through so they can watch me RAGE! -.-*

THIRD OFF, all of you asses who once dated me... Well, THANKS FOR NOTHING! >.<

FOURTH, do I fucking LOOK like an idiot to some people?! Come to me and treat me in a condesending way, it's fucking REDICULOUS! I KNOW what I'm fucking doing at least 98% of the motherfucking time, and I KNOW that half the fucking people in this world are just out to watch me SCREAM and RAGE and PISS and MOAN! -.-* So they fucking treat me like a little toddler who doesn't know his fucking way around ANYTHING just to see it! WELL FUCK YOU TOO PEOPLE WHO DO THAT TO ME! -.-*

FIFTH, I am REALLY fucking sick and tired of living in this crappy little shit-shack in this drug-running town with a bunch of alcoholics, drug-dealers, smokers, and a whole family full of vices and issues with their freaking minds! Honestly, everytime I turn around, my freaking aunt comes down here and whines like crazy, claiming that she's out of money, she's piss-poor, she's living off of one cracker a day, when she also turns around and then tells us that she has steak and hamburgers for dinner everyday, and is as fucking FAT AS A COW! I am NOT kidding, she is as fat as a COW. How the FUCK can anyone live off a cracker a day and be as fat as she is?! She's full of SHIT!

SIXTH, I am VERY sick and tired of STARVING each fucking month! Honestly, just because we get a check for at least $1200 a MONTH, we don't get but $128 in food stamps! But there's a REASON we get food stamps and THAT is because MOST of that god-damned check goes on paying loans and bills! At least a good $1150 goes on those fucking loans, bills, medicine payments, and more a MONTH, and then we're just meant to fucking STARVE TO DEATH! Honestly, this world is full of nothing but cold and unfeeling motherfuckers, and I am SICK OF IT!

I swear to fucking god, if things don't change AT ALL, I am going to just fucking be a HERMIT and cut myself off from the rest of this motherfucking unfeeling world. I have had it up to HERE with how everything goes for me, and I'm SICK of just 'waiting' for things to fucking change! I am even MORE sick of trying to MAKE things change, because the more I try to make it happen, the EXTREMELY-LESS CHANCE that it will happen! -.-*
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
The majority of online people seem that way. Nice at the beginning but cold with the passing of time. Yes, people online use you for their own entertainment, but that's only if you LET them.
Things always change, sometimes for the worst but they always have a way of turning for the best as well.
Don't lose your hope in people, just try to find the good ones (yes, they're so fucking rare, but not inexistent).
Take care of yourself, your health and your family and hope for better times - they will come, one day.
6 years, 4 months ago
...For some reason, your last statement made me think of Jerry Springer. "Take care of yourself, and each other."
6 years, 4 months ago
Yeah...hun I understand shit is sucking hard. But just lean on us who love you. If you're having problems, Torry, please don't hesitate to note me, vent at me, let it out. I don't want you to snap like this, I hate seeing you feel so bad...I know it takes time, and is hard but just gotta sift through the sukc to find the good around here...I had to  overcome that obstacle myself so I know how it is.
6 years, 4 months ago
If anything, my mood's just falling further into the south after even more recent events. Depression AND anger.
6 years, 3 months ago
You have friends that are there for you, Torry. As Mavvy said, lean on them. *hugs the squirrel*
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