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Slim chance of possibly moving

So this is something I've been tossing around in my head now for a week or to and it's getting to me more and more the more I think about it.

For starters my uncle owns a Ranch style home out in Hanover.  I don't remember how big the inside of it is, since it's been about 15 years since I've been in it, and it sits on about 3 acres of land out in the country.  It used to be my great grandmothers home I believe and then my grandfathers and now my uncles.  Well up until my dad died, from what I'm told anyways, he was supposed to take ownership of it.  Though as I said my uncle still owns it.  Well he's essentially an idiot when it comes to it.  He's been renting it out for the past 15 or so years since he got it and keeps renting it out to idiots.  Either they don't pay rent, don't pay him enough, trash the place and the people that were in it before the current people actually burned the place down.  That and he only charges them somewhere around 200-2500 for rent on the place.  

Well the current people are moving out either by the end of this month or the next.  All I was really told was something about November.  So I've been tossing around the idea in my head of trying to move there.  Either rent it from him for really cheap or buy it from him for literally nothing.  The main thing is what would end up actually being cheapest.  Because either way I figure it would probably come out to the same amount.  

The main reason that I would of course try doing all of this is so that I can try and move Kep here finally.  Because I figured I'd move in and get things settled for a month or two and then I'd work on going, getting him and all of his stuff.    That also creates the other half of my worries and it's not just the going to get him part.  His parents, particularity his mother, are still causing problems.  Kep found out the reason why she doesn't want him moving here, for now anyways, is because if something happens to her husband she would want to move in with us and doesn't want to move to PA.  Despite the fact that his parents say his brother is the better one.  She's using the excuse of not wanting to move in with him and his wife because they have children.  

The one thing that's been discussed by several people and I may as well say it because I know it'll be brought up here too.  But yes he is 22, but with how Colorado is and how their stupid laws are we can't just go, grab him and his stuff and go back.  Because his parents could still say we kidnapped him and try taking us to court for it and we'd have to go back and try to win that case and prove that it wasn't.  So all of this isn't as easy as most people think that it is.

So even if I end up moving there if he isn't actually able to move there with me then it's basically pointless.  Because then I'd just end up feeling worse off because I would actually have the possibility of moving him there, but I still wouldn't be able to achieve it.  Along with I have a feeling either way without at least two people living there the expenses would end up being too much after a while.

There's of course the option of trying to move at least one other person in to help with all of it.  But at the same time I wouldn't want to move anyone else in.  I know for one thing it would make things uncomfortable at least to a degree with me and Kep.  That and like I said before I don't remember how big the place is.  So I don't remember how many bedrooms it has.  There's also the thing of I usually don't trust most people when it comes to money and that's honestly including most of my friends.  I've dealt with way too many people that owe me money and then they just don't pay me back.  Even after pestering them a good bit.  That and I know most of the people I know don't really have much money either.  So I really don't want to get into a situation where I let someone move in and then they either start screwing me over with money or they just start causing some kind of problem or another.

So the more I think about all of this and the more that comes up about it the more I want to just start pulling my hair out.  Because I've had a knot in my stomach for a while because I keep thinking about it.  Along with I guess my uncle needs to find someone else to move into the place or something because the people are moving out so soon.  So I need to figure out when I can talk to him and what to actually say.  Because he's not always the easiest person to talk to.  But I figure if I just rent it from him and since he's being an idiot and renting it out for basically nothing he may as well help his family out.  The other thing that is stressing me out about the whole thing is both jobs are cutting my hours.  Target is just being stupid because it's Target and cutting my hours down to five a week not and Petco it's because of that idiot new store manager.  He thinks hiring more people and cutting people's hours and making them work harder for the hours they have is more productive.  But the good thing is I could probably try and transfer to the Petco in Hanover.  Since there's one about 3 miles from the house.  As far as Target I'd probably just flat out quit there.  Because I don't want to keep dealing with them there too.  Though the other thing that stresses me out is that there is a very slim possibility as well that I could get that management spot at Petco now.  The one manager left and they're looking for people for that.  Either way they haven't said anything to me about it so I'll probably end up getting screwed over by that either way, which wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

So if I seem off or anything for a while here that's probably why.  Because even if I do figure something out with this whole situation I'll still probably be stressed out for a while about it.
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