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The New Creepy Crawlies

I know I wouldn't really be able to post these on here so I figured I'd at least throw a journal up about them.  Even though I know this will probably end up freaking most people out. ^^;

But over the past month or so I've ended getting a few more bugs that I've been wanting to get.  The one good thing is that at least they're not very high maintenance.  But I finally got a few more hissing roaches. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8964895/ The one pet shop by me got a few more in again, though I had to "clean" them since they had mites on them from their cage being dirty.  I got six of them originally, but one ended up dying a few days after that.  A few days after I got the mites off of them I got a surprise and found that one of them ended up having around 20 or so babies. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8969093/ I know not all of them are going to survive, but a good many of them still seem to be crawling around.

Then a little while after that, in part from being at Zootopia where I got the roaches, they have some baby tailless scorpions.  Though they were really tiny babies that were born in the store and I'd be afraid of killing it.  That and it was a different type than I actually wanted.  So I looked around and threw a few emails out there and found a place down in Lancaster that had one that I wanted.  So I drove down the next day and picked up one of the Whiptail Scorpions. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8964962/

The last one I've been wanting to get a new one for a while as well.  I've had two Tarantulas in the past, but didn't have much luck with them.  Though I think the main problem was I wasn't keeping them as warm as they needed to be.  So last weekend when I went to Hanover for a little road trip I stopped at one of those random pet shops that not a chain and found one.  It was marked as a Rose Hair, but after looking at it for a while and then getting it out it was kind of obvious it wasn't.  After talking to the people a bit they said someone gave it to them I guess because they just didn't want it anymore, it was about a year old and the guy held it a lot.  When I got it home I looked at it more and it turned out to be a Pink Toe.  https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9016666/  Which so far it seems to be doing well, but I've been keeping an eye on it because I don't think it's eating just yet.
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