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Have gotten this from :escafanatic421icon: and as it is a nice idea here's mine.

A - 34 (Yeah I'm an old man)

B - Bed size: 1,40 x 2,00 m thats 4'7 x 6'6,7 think thats Kingsize

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning my apartment

D - Dog's Name: Never had a dog, but my cat was named Alex

E - Essential start your day item: electric razor, as I don't like the stubbly Feeling on my face

F - Favorite Color: Red, with blue as a close second

G - Gold or Silver: Gold

H - Height: 6'4,4

I - Ireland or Italy: Ireland as I always wanted to see the land

J - Job Title: stress Analyst (I calculate so the buldings and other things don't collaps)

K - Kids: None ever

L - Living Arrangement: Alone in my own apartment in the house I own with my brother

M - Mom's Name: Maria

N - Nicknames: Mosl, Marci and the newest of course Rei

O - Overnight Hospital stay other than birth: because of acohol abuse with age 21 after succeeding in all my test in my second University semester  in construction engeneering, as my friends abused my loss of Inhibition towards alcohol due to that success

P - Pet Peeve: People with prejudices towards others and the whole humanity for the abuse they do to nature  (I Count myself in there aswell, but try to get better) as we are not the Peak of Evolution but the greatest faliure so far, as we can't survive without our machines and comfort

Q - Quote from a movie: Eywa just serves the Balance of all life ~ Neitiri to Jake at Arbitraja MougrNeitiri to Jake at Arbitraja Mougri from James Cameron's Avatar

S - Siblings: younger brother

T - Time to wake up: I'm a strange Person, as I always wake up 6am the latest even on Weekends and it is totally irrelevant when I go to bed during working day I wake up 4am even before I have to go to work at 6am (I know I'm wierd)

U - Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Briefs

V - Vegetables you dislike: I don't like any vegies, but to not get fat I have to eat them, but dislike totaly spinace, asparagus and mushrooms

W - Water or land: Namely water, as I'm a water rat who could stay inthere forever

X - X-rated or PG: Movies PG, literature both as it depends (Like the whole Star Wars univerese)

Y - Yesterday's best moment: Getting home after work and knowing, that I have the Weekend to read a lot of furry literature

Z - Zoo faforites: great cats namly lions and tigers(see my fursona)
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