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I'd ship the Titanic with the Iceburg

I love shipping.  If you are in any fandom, you can not help but do a little love/hate/frienemy relationship with your favorite characters.  Now normally I'd make a huge list and pop it into my scraps, but I have a few shows on my radar that don't have enough cast to make a large list, so here are a few pairings from shows that may/maynot be very popular.

-Dorrie Turnell/Bolt Jenkins (Animalympics)- Now this was a simple pairing with a lot of appeal.  Dorrie is the rising star that is quickly starting to feel the burn, and Bolt is the boy on the way up.  He could give her the simplicity that she is starting to crave, and she can help prepare him for the ups and downs of fame.

-Jaques Le Lean/ Ginger Spider (Beetlejuice)-  Now it is canon that they dated in high school, but I like to think they continued their relationship.  Nookie buddies as well as best friends.  And if you live with BJ, you need a confidant to help blow steam.

- Vanessa/ Alex (Camp Candy)-  Ah summer.  a time for adventure and exploration and lots of discovery (well you gotta do something when your camp is run by Uncle Buck).  I might even add Robin into the mix for multi reasons.  The largest being the girls had a lot more development than the boys.  Vanessa and Robin  were environmentalists,  eager to save the woods from Rex's condos (not just the camp).  Alex and Vanessa were polar in many things, but they were still close friends.  It warms my pervy heart to think they hook up by the camp fires.

-Alpine/Bazooka (G.I.Joe)-  This pair was never apart.  Watch any episode, and even the intros.  Where one went, the other followed.  Bickering like two old hens, you know they had great make up sex.

-Jamie Jaren/Tom Jaren (Laser Tag)-  Hehehehe... Going back in time can have interesting side effects.  Who knows what kind of shenanigans Jamie caused in the past.

-N.J. Normanmeyer/Wednesday Addams (Addams Family)- Yeah she would probably kill him after the fact, but you know by that time he would love every minute of it.  He'd probably come back to life if the Addams' are involved.  

-Witty Phantom/ Harpie Lady 1 (Yugioh TCG)-  This will take a little explination.  Back when i first dreated my Harpie deck, I was short a playable monster.  So I tossed in my Witty Phantom.  And I've won pretty much every duel since with that deck.  Every time I drew Harpie lady (11 or original norm card), Witty was right behind it with the Axe of Dispair.  It sank into my mind that these two belonged together.

-Ash/May (Pokemon)-  Color me cooky, but i find these two made a far better couple than and of the other token maidens.  Mostly because they both start out as morons, but grow in wisdom.  May does not suffer from the same series lobotomy as Ash, so you can see she continues to mature.  While they are together May goes from hating pokemon to sharing his obsession (though as a coordinator not a battler).  

-Peg Pete/ Goofy Goof (Goof Troop)-  I don't condone cheating, but watch the series, and you know if Goofy and Peg had a better chance in high school, they would have hooked up sooner.  I bet they did have private liaisons whenever Pete was on a long fishing trip.

-Mozenrath/Sadira (Aladdin)-  This is a darker version of the Jasmine/Aladdin pairing.  Sadira though not pining for Al the way she used to, falls for Mozenwrath's charm and Aladdin-esque appearence.  It starts out as a way to use her ancient powers, but Sadira starts to feel sorry for the brooding madman and a twisted attraction develops.

And that'll do for now.  I've made many lists of pairings I enjoy, but let me hear from you.  What is your favorite show shipping?  And best of all, why?

In other news,  The NYCC is coming to town.  I was lucky enough to get a Saturday ticket.  Will anyone else be there?
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