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Well, this is interesting...

Well, this is interesting...

Coming from an extremely boring web coder / web dev...

After doing a test run on TNSC with a new host due to a ratings issue on Pornhome and WOT.

Long story short, server was in the same data center as a bunch of infected/spreading machines and had a user helping to spread crap some several years ago.
Server did get blacklisted for that, even though they shut down the account within a few hours and began pressing charges against the user in question - and the owners of the other machines.
Servers admin then moved all their systems to a new cluster...

Sooo.. TLDR Server blaclisted for something they didn't do, now shows up in the red on WOT for not only that.. but also the porn they host.
(Even though the WOT is also pretty good at putting any porn site in the red as well, some users seem to rely on it solely - with no REAL anti-virus in action on their machines.)

Let it be known, the instant I noticed this to be a possible issue, I checked everything out myself.  Even ran live resource scans with the very anti-virus agents that helped put the host on the blacklist.
The host, and TNSC, are CLEAN.

Now allow me to reiterate.  Blacklisting services and services like the WOT do their work AT THE DOMAIN LEVEL.
So if a system, like Pornhome, were to offer websites to people (which they do) and have the addresses either be a sub-directory (www.pornhome.com/stories/dws/tnsc/) or even a sub-domain - If any ONE site gets blacklisted or rated poorly, EVERY SITE on that host will show the results from the truly offending website.

Pornhome.com IS A HOSTING COMPANY.  They do have a strict policy against the spread of malware - and have setup their backend to not allow much more than the most basic files. (.htm, .html, .txt, and .jpg)
This is to prevent abuses of their systems that led to all these issues.  (And lead to them having to get a small number of people put behind bars.)

So, knowing the hosts history, the motions they have taken to prevent future abuse, and the knowldege that they are clean - and the understanding that the only reason this is an issue is because of that whole domain level thing - I had previously decided to continue working on that host.
Now, that I tested another host for only a week, only to not be able to access the site, or the other host.  I am returning back to pornhome.  Which has proven to be a stable adult hosting company.

I will put up a notice about this in particular, considering that the WOT is the ONLY service to show the host to be "in the red."  There are no other rating or blaclisting services noting anything against the host.
(Yes, I have researched this)

TLDR: I am back where I started, hosting wise, for TNSC.

Now for part 2:

TNSC is an OPEN Community!!!

This is something that has been bothering me a lot lately - a dead TNSC Chat.
I keep telling users that I do NOT want TNSC - or any part of TNSC - to be centered around me.
Yet, I fear the chat has been dead this past month (only one or two people in it at a time) due to the fact that I have had to work 50+ hours a week, with 6 day work weeks.
Ergo, I have had to time to help entertain any guests that come to TNSC Chat.  (Which should be fine, Dustin and Ingolf are usually in there to entertain others when I'm not around.)

But nooo.. People STOP coming because they cannot RP with me.. why??
(I think it has something to do with the FREE Art Thingy where I draw scenes from the chat that includes my fursona.)

So.. Here is my resolve to help get more people interacting with each other on TNSC Chat:
ANY scene I witness on TNSC Chat, TNSC Forums, or any other scene idea I come up with - usually from what RP's I can do - will be listed as a possible scene that I will personally commission an artist to draw.

The scene may not include those that were involved, since I will randomly select any user on TNSC who has a Description Setup to be in that scene, perhaps with my fursona.

Allow me to reiterate:
I did NOT build TNSC to benefit myself or to put myself in the center of everyone's attention.
I DID build TNSC so users have a SAFE alternative site where they can truly and freely express themselves in any and all ways possible.
This does include making a safe haven (TNSC Chat and Forums) where users can hang out, talk, and yes RP.  Not just with me, but with any other users on the site.

On that note:
I will become more active in the RP threads on TNSC Forums, since I am unsure when I will get any of my old free time back.

I also do have one TNSC Chat Commission in the works, it will be posted once it is complete.

So, people please - just come check out TNSC, you may find it an enojoyable community to be a part of - http://tnsc.thrill.to

I would much rather trot into a thriving TNSC Chat - with lots of users having fun - then trot in to an empty room.. or just one or two people who have been waiting there all day for ANYONE else to arrive.
(Sides, the more people are in TNSC Chat, the more fun I can have when I do RP. Especially when I start getting more time to RP again.)


TNSC Art Contest - October 2012

The latest winner is:
Luuuv you - https://www.sofurry.com/view/421731
by khnite - https://khnite.sofurry.com/

Current Nomination Theme:
Locker Room Scenes - Art of scenes inside the Locker Room.

Current Voting Theme:
Colorful Fursonas - Fursonas with Fur colors that are not considered standard or common.

Nomination and Voting Deadline:
November 1, 2012

Come Nominate and Vote at http://tnsc.thrill.to


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Feel free to wish him a happy birthday anyway you like.

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