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News,a few things, an a Rant

Ok first off i have a...well pc somewhat running but i can't work on any artwork sadly which upsets me quite abit considering i have alot of work an practice i wanna get done

anyways this october around  the 24th to the 31st i will Not be around im goin off an spending time with my mate an lover whom i got back with 2 months ago after learning she was the one i had foolishly let go of...
the words still hit me hard for my mistake...
" no matter who your with or where your at...i will always love you  we will always be friends no matter whats happen to the both of us"

i can never forget the words she told me before i made the wrong choice...i won't make that mistake again.

OK off the mushy stuff...i have switched from the sonic universe to the starfox an furry universe for one reason...
time for a change an i wanna make a better style an stickin with sonic will just burden an hinder my progress

i've rewritten my story for the furry universe an made a completely new story for the starfox universe needless to say i like how its turning out...i may post it idk yet but im goin to be making alot of changes not only with my art style but my life as well...

my job has been workin me more an more but its not as much as id like but hey...i can't bitch though...

im gonna be workin on some sketches for cosplay weapons that i been thinking on so we'll see how that goes for that x3

i have some..."friends" that...i can't no longer call a friend... one that i known since we was lil finding out im...bisexual as well as a furry...needless to say his words were harsh an unbelievingly ones of betrayal...he told me i could tell him anything...but when i found out he had been talkin trash behind my back an found out other ppl callin me fur faggot, fur fucker,...the names continue an i only told one person of this an needless to say...i had VERY many things to say to him for what he done....an turned an told me he was jokin an bullshittin although he told me to my face that i needed to grow up an get outta the fantasy world...so i done what i felt was right...i fuckin punched him in the face hard enough he went to the ground an i told him like it was...

" you call yourself a friend..you done nothing but bitch whine moan an groan not getting your fuckin way, when you always needed help i was there to do what i could...i finally tell you something i kept from others cause I KNEW this kind of shit would happen...no...you wasn't bullshitting...if you was you would of never betrayed me instead you told ppl about my lifestyle you talk shit behind my back an whats funny is you tell me to get outta the fantasy world...i can live there all i want cause of these reasons...i know how the real world is cause i fuckin live it everyday of my life, i have a job, i have my mate, i go out an i Find work an i bust my Ass just to do so even if its even 20$, i like my life even if its not much Cause i look forward to spending my time being with my family even if their asses sometimes i still love them, i have very few friends and you " WAS" one of them. i live in the real world an i enjoy goin to my fantasy world where i draw what i see because it releases the stress that i deal with from bullshit an ppl like you everyday...so do yourself a favor...get off your sorry Dead ass stop your bitchin, lying to your parents, an stop Screwin over decent girls cause you think your some Mother fuckin PIMP when your nothing more then a sorry ass bastard who disrespects his parents treats girls like their a fuck object an worst of all you treat your friends like shit an use them for your own personal gain...do yourself a fuckin Favor an Grow your pathetic ass up"

i walked away got in my car fed up with his sorry excuses an left...2 of my friends that was friends with him got pissed at me an even defended him...so i told them like it was...you wanna defend someone whos gonna talk shit behind their back an talk em down cause he's a Hypocritical asshole...Then join him an his sorry ass cause i don't need people whos gonna tell me that i should be walked all over an told i need to grow up cause of how i fuckin live... I am who i am...i am Bisexual...i am a Furry...I am Fuckin Proud of who i've become! i made mistakes in my life but haven't we all...needless to say i've lost 3 so called friends but ya know...im better off without those 3 in my life...

im not perfect...im not rich...im not the best an hottest guy out there...but at least i know i have those that do care an love me for who i am...an those are the friends that ppl need in their lives....not those who will use you for what you got an backstab you when you least expect it...
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Cool you got a computer
Congrats on getting back with your gf
Star Fox is cool
Good luck on your designs and
we all have those people.
You just gotta look out.
6 years, 3 months ago
i know * hugs* im glad to hear from ya it sucks not havin ya to talk to btw X_x i swear i been bored...outta my skull...still am actuall but im starting to become somewhat sane...even though i am insane xD
6 years, 3 months ago
haha same here :3 hugs
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