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"That's when I passed out Again."

Well I've been out of sorts the past couple days, and I'll tell you why.

It all happened when I felt a mighty NEED to go to the bathroom (I know you guys love all the details).  So I sat there and started feeling REALLY nauseous and a little light headed. So I-

Woke up on the floor.

Yep. I'd fallen sideways and landed on the floor. I was really confused when my eyes cracked open and climbed back up into a sit. I was trying to get my bearings when that wave of sickly lightheadedness came back with a vengeance! So I grabbed the wastebasket, set it in front of me and-

Woke up on the floor again.

Only this time I'd fallen -forwards- effectively smashing my face against the side of the tub. Whimpering when I realized what had happened I quickly just hobbled into my room to lay the fuck down and contact someone.

I hadn't looked at my face but I could tell something was off. I could see something through the inner corner of my eye anyway. It all didn't hurt when I first woke up but it was all starting to feel a bit detached and achy.

When I finally had my mom around and was free to look into the mirror it turns out the thing I was seeing was a split across the bridge of my nose that was bleeding. The IMPACT point it seemed, though, was this big red spot up my cheek with a white spot right on the cheek bone that was secreting some sort of clear fluid. My jaw was killing me and my lip was bruised and swollen on one side. Now my jaw will swell up to where I can't close my teeth, and therefore, can't chew. So I have to pick soft foods that go down easy. Especially since chewing REALLY hurts.

Everyone has really wanted to take me to the hospital, including me of course. But there's no way I can have that kind of bill hanging over me when I don't have a proper income to deal with it.

But I'd really love to at least go for a doctors visit. Mostly to find out the cause of these pass outs.

I'm always open for commissions of course, if you just wanna shoot me a note.

PayPal: Pandadox@yahoo.com Donations always appreciated
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
The reason for these pass outs might be a very low blood preasure, but I really suggest you go to the hospital. In times like that, I am glad that everyone here in switzerland has to have a health insurance.
6 years, 9 months ago
You may need stitches. Going to a hospital is expensive overkill for that. Any urgent care clinic can sow you up for a couple hundred bucks and prescribe antibiotics to prevent an infection from your injuries. They could also determine whether you have a concussion from your falls. The clinic could also take your symptoms and give you a rough idea what is originally wrong with you. But while passing out is a bit extreme, most likely what you have there is no treatment for, we just need to keep you alive and your head away from hard objects while your body fights the infection. But if I were you I would definitely visit a low-cost clinic somewhere. Have your mom call around for an idea what the prices are in your area for stitches or an evaluation. If your injuries or your illness are really severe then not getting them fixed now for a couple hundred dollars might mean thousands of dollars at an actual hospital later.

Are you running a major fever? Sometimes just bringing the fever down with over-the-counter drugs is enough to reduce your fainting spells and nausea.
6 years, 9 months ago
Ouch dude, sadly I'm not very knowledgeable in the medical fields, so I'm not quite sure what caused that and all, but fuck that just sounds painful as is. Sucks that you can't really afford the hospital, although you do sound like you should really go. ;_;
I wish you good luck though, and just take care of yourself best you can, obviously. Sucks hard and hopefully you can maybe recover without the need of a hospital and medical bill. :3 I'll be maybe looking into a commission sometime soon as well. :3
6 years, 9 months ago
" Everyone has really wanted to take me to the hospital, including me of course. But there's no way I can have that kind of bill hanging over me when I don't have a proper income to deal with it.

That's the kind of dystopian nightmare that should only exist in backwards third world nations. :/ Every modern western nation in the world provides emergency health care for free, except the US. People drop dead because they simply don't have the money to go to the emergency department or even see a doctor. This is absolute insanity. To find people in the same situation you have to go to darkest Africa or the very poor parts of the middle east. When will you guys start rioting already? :D
6 years, 9 months ago
Because every time people make a stink about the healthcare industry the government just makes it worse.  :C

6 years, 9 months ago
Nice link, thanks! :o
6 years, 9 months ago
Holy shit man that's awful, how the hell you keep passing out TWICE in one night?!  That has to be low blood pressure, god I really hope you'll be okay.
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