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To blend in or not?

I have been all over the web, searching out for anyone or any site who supported one of the most underrated Sonic characters, Cream the Rabbit.  However, I should be asking to myself this question.  "Is it better to act like everybody else instead of myself?"  "Is it better to just lie and blend in with the majority?"  I may have the answer for that.

I am really glad that Inkbunny accepts Cream, as well as celebrating all of the Cream hentai.  It does make me feel that there's hope for me.  YouTube has also been a great help, considering I found hundreds of Cream fans.  That is what I am looking for in a site, for a chance that someone out there doesn't believe that I'm an outsider because I don't have a similar favorite to everyone.  Sadly, the Internet is huge, and I yet to complete the task with some reasons.  

Gamespot.com has an actual Sonic Union, http://www.gamespot.com/pages/unions/home.php?union_id=SRiders, but there's a lacking of Cream supporters.  In fact, there are more Cream bashers, as they treated her like she's dead.  What's worse is that anyone who supports her is considered an outcase or worse, not a true Sonic fan.  Newgrounds.com is even worse.  They even making Cream bashing their own sport.  And let's not forget about a certain webcomic author (OMA) who pretty much masturbated over the humilation of Cream.  People like those are making it worse for me and all of the Cream fans.  Actually, they are encouraging them to change their habits and just become one of them, like a new form of Communism.  

So, is it better to just lie about yourself and blend in with the majority?  Let me give you a straight-forward answer: FUCK NO!!  No matter how much you wanted society to accept you, no one is the same.  No one is born the same, no one eats the same food, no one dresses the same, and especially no one thinks alike!  Imagine if everyone is the same of all aspects.  Of course you will be accepted in society, because you are all the same.  But is it what you want to live out, having the same things as everyone, and liking the same stuff as everyone?  I am sure that individuality rules out over the so-called "social imperialism", because we have the need to become somebody different.  We can't help being different, even if we just wanted to be accepted in society.  

Actually, it exist in your artworks.  If you make Sonic fanarts, compare yours to other fanarts.  It's different, even though they are the same thing, Sonic fanarts.  What's the difference is your own personal style.  Never think that it's worser than the others.  You're perceiving in the way on what the majority wants you to believe.  From now on, you treat your creations as your best ones, because it's something that you do, it's what you are.  Being different from the majority only makes you different from everybody else, no where being inferior or an outcast.  

The real reason why all of this "acceptance" is because they are afraid of us Cream fans.  They will do everything to make you change your mind.  In fact, they are the weaker ones, afraid that you can't become a mindless slave.  You shrug off all of the bullshit with your reason to be yourself.  Those Sonic fans who treats Cream or any character like garbage shouldn't be considered Sonic fans to begin with!  If you dislike someone, do it respectfully!  Never doubt a character simply because it's not your favorite.  

Well, I hope that clears up about the important of individualism.  You have the right to be yourself.  It's a matter of respecting other's perspective.  Otherwise, you will be living in a world is you are your own mother.  It's sad that Sega doesn't give Cream too much credit.  However, I will not end my quest.  There are more Cream fans out there.  Therefore, I will continue to search for more.  Quite a devotion, right?
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