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A question on uploading

Well, as many of you know...I'm not an artist. By the slightest. I can perhaps give out really detailed, and massively kinky story along with image ideas, yet putting pen to paper locks me up. As such, I tend to let those who already have such skills bring my idea's to life, and try to hone my own skills in turn ( witch is pretty much being social, and programming to a degree ).

I'm making this journal thought asking a question, as while on FA&DA I can post stuff that isn't my own doing, I know sites like Pixiv and Inkbunny have if nothing else a feeling of 'don't post if you didn't draw it', including here that at one point it was possible to even sale your prints. While I took a look at the ToS and it didn't SEEM like I would be denied the option to upload such, I'm wondering if others would suddenly get into a backlash about such. After all, this place is made more to support the artist, then the people getting the artwork correct? It's here for a haven to support the people making their images, and not so much about the content they are delivering. So having people like myself starting to flood in, posting stuff that's more done for the content, it chances are would start to skew with that mindset some.

Maybe it's a silly fear, but I guess there's no harm tossing this out there, and seeing how people respond yes?
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
it actually depends on the specific artists, for instance, when i wright a story for some one i will not post it without the commissioners permission, as far as i am concerned once the work has been commissioned, then, other then the usual bit about not taking credit for some one else's work, it is the commissioners to do with as they please, if they post my only requirement is that they credit me in some form on the posted work, tho, i also keep my name in the document in case they forget. for others they prefer that you get their (the artists) permission to host the work on your own profile
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