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Apparently PC is dead :P

Again people are saying the PC is dead... -facepalms-

They don't know what the PC is.
By its very name, Personal Computer. It doesn't matter the size or the number of components, as long as I control the hardware and firmware, it is a PC.

There may be a lot of people willing to give up their ownership of the device to apple, verizon, google, or whatever other provider is handing out the latest mini-gadget... but they are sacrificing alot to do it.
Also, most of these devices are not content creation devices, until I can program while running a linux VM to test my code in both windows and linux... while watching a movie on my other monitor and having 40 tabs open in my browser, half of them relevant to what i'm doing right now.... fuck you apple.

Most of these devices are single feed, you get to do one thing and only one thing at a time. Until I can use blender as quick and effectively on a tablet as I can on my desktop, fuck you ASUS.

Until I can change, update, and reimplement any piece of the software, hardware, and firmware on the device when ever I want, with whatever I want... fuck you Verizon.

I will admit, smaller devices are good for travelling, but when I'm travelling I usually don't need all those things. But just because I don't need those THEN doesn't mean I don't need those. I have an ancient EeePC, 900mhz celery potato in it... when I went down on vacation, I took it with me... it worked, allowed us to find directions and do google searches. Didn't need any more than that.

I also cannot play guildwars on a tablet, let alone an iPhone or android device... even under wine. (is there an android variant of wine?) The interface isn't there.

The desktop may be changing, it may end up being something like this http://thedoghousediaries.com/4557 where you plug your portable device in to a dock and use it from home, then take it with you to your dock at work, or on the road as a portable device. But right now it doesn't have dual monitors, it doesn't have fast enough interface, it doesn't have enough processing power to do what I need... and it is a single task device.

Fuck no, PC isn't dead, but it is growing.

My comment on his blog:

In a word, Nope.
Again you've missed the ball here Jeff.

It's a fairly easy ball to miss though. Yes the devices are becoming more common and PCs are becoming less common, but this has nothing to do with the PC and everything to do with who /was/ using the PC. For the past 20 years it has been everyone from every walk of life. You want to view the web? use a computer. You want to chat with your friends? use a computer. You want to write an email? use the computer. You want to watch a video? use a computer.
Most of those people now don't need a desktop computer to do any of that, and they have no need for anything else.

But now I will make a very important distinction, a desktop is a PC, a small computing device that is for personal use.. is a PC.. Most tablets and phones are NOT PCs, in fact most people don't even own them in reality. Sure they paid for the software and hardware, but they are licensing it. That iPhone you got? You are licensed to use the software on it, but if you go grab an android, you cannot then carry that license over and install the same software on the android device, you have to re-license it.

Many games I play I buy once, and then play on linux, windows, and mac... because I have a broad license. You are buying in to the gated community that is iPhone or android. It is not a personal product, it is a licensed gateway to your software. There are ways around this, jail breaking, rooting, and what not... but these are hacks, and difficult for the average person. Most of these people will never even know what they are giving up.

The PC isn't dead, but it does need to catch up. Some day soon I'm sure we will have PCs we can assemble, just like our desktop, made from smaller components that we can swap out at a need. Where we can choose to put ubuntu, windows, iOS, Android, or whatever else on it we want... At least that is my hope... And we can take it with us where ever we go, then plug it in at home or work to our docks.. with large storage systems and co-processors. Drop your tablet in, and suddenly you have a full on desktop, as powerful if not more powerful than we have today.

I cannot write without a keyboard, I cannot do my 3d design without a mouse. PC is not dead. But I do hope it is changing.
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