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Awesome sauce

So today I went to Rainfurrest with no plan beyond getting there early enough for Cartoons And Cereal, and leaving shortly after consuming ice cream at the Ice Cream Social.

In between, I met my old OLD college roommate from PLU who I hadn't seen in around a decade, played a superheroes vs. supervillain card game (and lost; I was playing the deck of an Iron-Man-esque hero named The Indestructible Bunker while we were up against a super-socialist solar-powered villain named Dawn (who, phoenix-like, had the irritating ability to repeatedly raise her minions from the dead)), attended a cub social panel and subsequently got invited to a room to try out a "Dry 24/7" diaper, got oodles of 3DS Streetpass tags, met up with several other friends I hadn't seen or contacted in quite a long time (of these I think the most recent was Urthdigger who I'd last seen at Everfree NW), got trapped in a hallway by the fursuit parade, which I hadn't intended to attend but ended up thoroughly enjoying anyway, schlepped around the art gallery for a few minutes, capped everything off with the ice cream social where I gave away my torn half-ticket because I didn't want the second dish of ice cream it would've entitled me to...

...aaaand made a gargantuan run-on sentence wall-o'-text for you all to read. Tomorrow's looking pretty good too, what with a short visit for (hopefully) lunch with the aforementioned long-lost college roomie followed by the pony panel.

For now, I return to Azeroth. I'm not sure whether it's the Sha of Sorrow, or the Sha of Depression, or the Sha of Angst, or the Sha of the Teenage Goths, but SOMETHING's causing everybody in the Krasarang Wilds to be glum, and I aim to find out what. >:3
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6 years, 9 months ago
Good times. ^^
6 years, 9 months ago
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