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RF Day 1

Was nice to sleep in a little, but still woke up to give myself plenty of time in the morning to finish up any last minute packing, grab some breakfast and relax a little before heading out of the house. Left right around the time I planned to give myself plenty of time to drag my over-sized luggage up the street to the bus stop, making sure I arrived a little earlier than when the bus was scheduled, just in case they ran early. For how much people have issues with buses running late, it is worse when they run early, because you are then stuck waiting for the next one which always seems to be running late as it is.

Made it downtown on the bus just as I expected to and that was including a delay on the bride, I think it much of been up for a ship passing by, I could not really see but would of been the first time that has happened to me in the 5 years I have been commuting downtown. There was a small snafu with the next bus stop I had to go to, some other local charter was parked in the designate spot for the Bolt Bus, which is marked. It caused a little bit of confusion, though I was more concerned what was going to happen once my bus arrived since there was little room with the other bus in the way. Once the Bolt Bus arrived, the driver was clearly unhappy and tried to get the other driver to move, since he was technically illegally parked, but the guy refused and was a bit of an ass about it. Both of them ended up calling up their bosses explaining the situation as they did they only thing they really could do and load up their passengers. What caused the biggest issue with all of this as now my bus was blocking the driveway of the hotel we were next to, which pissed off a lot of people and caused both the security and what might of been some manager, but there was really nothing my driver could do because the other driver was blocking his spot. It all did not really last that long, we got aboard and out of the way in 15 minutes or so, but people will make a fuss over even the slightest little inconvenience.

Hitting the road out of Portland I got to enjoy the beautiful day and scenery. What was kind of fun was pumping into a girl the was heading up to Seattle to vising one of her partners that happened to be your typical geek into anime, manga, gaming and of course, ponies. Actually it was my Derpy bag that caught her attention and us talking, so that helped eat up some time, but I also had my tablet with me and spent sometime watching anime, also did a bit of tweeting on my phone. Over all the time passed relatively quickly and we actually ended up in Seattle 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Off from the bus it was right onto the Seattle's light rail, which I did not have to wait very long for and made some decent time out to the hotel, I would say I was all checked in and settled a lot earlier than I planned. I headed right over to registration once dropping off my things in the room and to my surprise there was no line, yet there was one starting to form just as I was leaving. With little to do and the dealer room closing in an hour I headed over there just to see if I recognized anyway. I ended up bumping MaxCoyote and he invited me out to get dinner once the dealer room was all closed.

Bit of a mishap at the restaurant we went to, we ended up waiting awhile for others to show up before ordering and what should of been only a 10 minute wait or so for our food after that ended up being over a 20 minute wait. It also seemed several at the table misjudged how much time they had and had to leave early to get to a panel, poor Max did not even get to have any dinner. Those of us with the free time stayed and at what we ordered, I was not overly impressed with the food and did not feel was worth what I payed. I could of gone someone I liked a lot more and paid a lot less.

After dinner I headed up to the Patron lounge to just relax and hang out, as well as satiate my sweet tooth. Met a lot of nice folks up there, some familiar faces and some new. I am not even going to try and list off all the names of people I come across at this con because it is a lot and I am horrible with names. There was some sort of book launch going on in the lounge as well that I got  to witness, with the con chair showing up briefly. After awhile I decided to head back to my room to finish off the day and get some things unpacked then relaxed and watched a show to test out out Netflix looks going from my tablet to the hotel TV.

One of my room mates is here and doing his own thing, man he has a lot of stuff and it is taking up a lot of space in the room. I cannot say I am exactly happy about that, but only because it is a cluttered mess not from it being any form of inconvenience. As long as we have room for the third person joining us tomorrow for their things and a place to sleep, things will be fine. That was pretty much my Thursday, it is officially Friday now and there are still con events going on, the dance and private parties, but I will probably try and get some sleep soon so I am fresh for day 2.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Quite a massive day 1. o_o;
Hope the rest of the con went well. ^_^
6 years, 5 months ago
Yeah, I have it written up somewhere else, still need to post here.
6 years, 5 months ago
Well I appreciate you posting it here. =3 [hug]
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