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Journal Time

(Yesterday's journal from DA. For immediate updates, follow me on dA cause I'm there most often. Same username as here.)

Okay. So, it's been awhile since I updated you all on anything. So... I'm still feeling generally down, but for different reasons than before. I'm in a mood to draw, but not much due to time constraints.

THOSE OF YOU WITH UNFINISHED REQUESTS STOP ASKING PLEASE! or I will abandon it all together, okay? Seriously. It's not like I'm ignoring it on purpose. I've got a lot going on. In fact, as I'm typing this and chatting in my chat room, I've got the common app open and am working on it.

Anyways... Some stuff I want to say in here.

First off, I've decided to not do digital art for awhile. Well... Actually I didn't 'decide'. I kind of lost my tablet's pen ^^; That accompanied with the fact I don't know how to use my art programs on my new computer's systems ^^; The best I can do is low quality revisions of old arts, like I did above.

Second, I think I'm entering a stage where I'm kind of panicking about my future. I mean, I've only got a few months before I'm off on my own practically. And, that has me kind of wanting to desperately hold on to my childhood. I mean, I actually played with my Thomas trains while cooking dinner for my family last night ^^; I haven't played with them much since I was... Well, quite young.

Third, I am getting in to computer programming. Perhaps I could make a couple of flash apps I could upload here. But, I only know two computer languages so far: a form of basic and a beginner's version of python.  So... Any tips would be greatly appreciated ^^

Lastly... I'm getting quite a bunch of homework. So, I may be starting to come online less and less during the week days... That, and other things like driver's ed, college prep, house responsibilities... I will still be on occasionally, but expect me to be on less frequently than usual, okay?

Well... That's all. I'm out to do some stuff.
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