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Updates for Dark Relations

I have taken the story back to chapter one and is being written in script form. I have FINALLY found a method that works for me and doesn't make me back track too far to see what's going on. Tweaked it a LOT and changed the demeanor of some of the characters.

Some major changes/updates/refreshers about characters

Destiny and Caile's parents are not dead, well at least their mother is (she died of cancer)
Caile is still the owner of his restaurant but the "financial adviser" is the Dad.
Destiny still works at the restaurant but her main input of money come from commissions on art and doing internships/co-ops for her major (Biology)
Lilly is the mother figure of the household (not just a random girl)
The house the group lives in is within walking distance to Pittsville (where Destiny and Jason go)
Jason is more more of a girly boy
Agon (a cheetah) will make a small appearance in first pages of the comic. He is FULLY gay and has had experiences with online boyfriend (non of which ended out the way he wanted)
Jason is very self-centered, sensitive and paranoid about how others think or talk of him (if something is said about a group me might be in, he thinks people are directly talking to him, even conversations between other people he thinks are about him. He also makes all the problems about him but will eventually come around when people assure him that it's not him they are upset at or him causing the problem)
Jason is more loyal to his friends and family
The convention is still a Si-fi/Fantasy convention/anime/comic convention (i cant do furry because the ARE furries. it would be like humans going to a human convention) and it will take place over a shorter time, (most of it will  be walking around, or in the hotel)
Some sex scenes will be excluded from the online version (only available for the  purchased version...if anyone has some advice on how to do that right then please let me know, but no telling me i shouldn't do it because you just want to see sex)
The House the family lives in has been made the sims (yes the sims, sims 3 to be exact.) and I will try to post pictures of what the house looks like at some point. you can get a rough idea here http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=6437105
And yes for the record, Caile is RICH and along with Destiny's and Jasper's input they are able to all afford the house. (Lilly cleans and Jason needs to focus on college)
Jason is now a second semester Freshman.

If I have left anything out I will add it later.
Now off to class...im going to be late for Bio lab XP
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