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All the tutorials I have in one place

I've brought all the tutorial's I've found together into one place.

How to play videos on 3ds

get the newest update that came out this morning

download super video converter at the bottom of the page

choose AVI output - M-jpeg video codec - ADPCM IMA as the audio codec.

resolution at 480 x 240 at 20 frames.

audio rate set to 11025 with 1 channel at 64 bitrate.

rename it to HNI_0036 or something like that with 3 letters and 4 numbers with an underscore between them. put it in with the pictures and now you can watch videos on your 3ds

the video must be less then 10 minutes long
or you can use this http://gbatemp.net/topic/315687-3ds-video-converter/

Use videos as desktop wallpaper

if you have windows vista or 7 you can put a wmv or mpeg format video as your desktop wallpaper without sound. go here http://www.door2windows.com/dreamsc.....ndows-7-vista/ and read how.

this is for mac 10.5 o later. http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/34...../screenwatcher
i haven't used it because my imac isn't set up. i'll give it a try later.

How to convert .TXT to EPUB tutorial

This is just a basic tutorial for converting .txt to EPUB. I'm not an expert and I have very little experience using these programs.

Name the file what you want it to be.
If you have several chapters to a story use A.F.5.
Load all the files into the program and change the left (none) to string and enter the name of the file.
Change the second (none) to string and put a space, unless you put a space at the end of the name you gave the file.
Change the third (none) to counter. It will show 01 – 99 then hit rename.
That should be it for naming the file.

Example of what is should look like, if there is a space at the end of the name in the first slot move the counter to the second spot.
string - string - counter
new name 01-99

Next is putting the file or files in EPUB format.
Start up ecub and start a new project. fill in the required spaces that have a *.
Hit next after you filled what you want
The project folder is where you put the files that are going to be part of the final file.
Hit next.
I just left it on the, from existing text or HTML it came out okay on this. if you leave the, take title from first line of each file. the first line will be used as a chapter name, so you should make the first line a chapter number.
Hit next.
I left this page the way it was by default.
Hit next.
On this screen is all the files in the project folder. if the files aren't in the same encoding you can use UTFCast to change all the files with the wrong encoding to the correct encoding, direction will be below.
Hit next if the files are what you want.
You can leave the, use an existing file blank if you want. I did that and it came out okay.
Hit next.
If you go to edit and go to files you can add a cover image.
I don;t know what most of the buttons do.
Hit compile to create the EPUB file in the project folder.

Browse to a source directory to get the files from, likely the project folder.
Browse to a target directory to send the converted files to.
Hit start and the files will be sent to the target directory.

Here are the links to the files. they are all free. I don't know if they work on other systems other then windows.
http://www.juliansmart.com/ecub - convert to EPUB format
http://www.fauland.com/af5.htm - rename several files at once
http://www.rotatingscrew.com/utfcast.aspx - change encoding
Save literotica stories in a single file

Follow these instructions.

I've never been good at explaining things, so if someone wants to write this out better and send it to me go ahead.
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6 years, 9 months ago
Thanks for the tutorials, and the work to put them in one place.  
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