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Its a tripping drug that can kill. you can read the info on this.

it concerns me that teenagers try it to get high.

black market is every where to make a profit over this shitty drug that'll make ya stark raving mad and shit.

within the 24 hours the drug'll kill you.

cartoons today, and teen Disney and nickelodeon NEEDS to bring awareness to this drug.

dc comics and marvel comics need to make some kind of campaign against this new drug.

i watch HE-MAN from the 80s that did an episode on drugs.

and BRAVESTARR in the episode 'the price' in which a kid takes a new drug, and in the end of the episode, actually freaking dies.

cartoons need to have the balls to SHOW the effects of this bath salt shit.

besides... why take 'smiles' and 'bath salt' when you can use actual weed and hemp?
and for people to try to replace a natural drug and use FAKE POT - The fake stuff kills.
remember,real marijuana is safe. it's god's grass.
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
I remember that Bravestar episode.  The kid just faded to black and the mom cries.  The end cap had no fanfare,  just Bravestarr laying the wreath on his grave and telling it like it is.      I was floored and applauded them for that.

I agree more toons should deal with subjects like this without sugar coating it..much.  
6 years, 9 months ago
i wanna do something similar in a new my little pony comic....

though it be ovious where it came from...

still i wanna try to do a tribute, as well as doing my own thing. (though the story IS similar)

but i just wanna get a simple message out.

not sure if ppl will care to read.
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