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Frickedy Frack

I got to the hospital, got admitted, filled out forms... then put on that awkward gown and... sat in the waiting room until 4:30. My surgery was supposed to be for 3:40. Then a nurse came and said that the surgeon was running long on her current surgery and we would have to reschedule. T____T

Ugh. At least last time we rescheduled, I was still at home and it was a few days away from surgery. *sigh* It especially sucks 'cause my sister took the day off of work to drive me and I got the day off of work today and tomorrow for this.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Oh, that realy sucks.. :c Hope they will not make you wait more..
6 years ago
I hope not! It sucks extra, 'cause my sister took the day off of work to drive me there and back AND the shop I work at stayed closed today and will again tomorrow in the morning shift 'cause there are only two employees and the boss and no one else could cover the time.
6 years ago
Damn.. Wish you all the best! *hug you warmly* And wish you to get off with all that faster..
6 years ago
damn that sucks.
6 years ago
Awr. Yeah, "sucks" is really the only term I can think of to describe that :(
6 years ago
Dang that epic sucks. did u feel like shouting at the top of your lungs Zenia? <:(
6 years ago
All 'dressed up' and nowhere to go....  :-P  Not a good day.
6 years ago
I didn't even know they could do that x_x so not cool
6 years ago
6 years ago
Awwww. Well, hope they get it straightened out for you.
6 years ago
*TIS WHY THE NHS IS SOO MUCH BETTER! but yea, i hope they sort it for ya
6 years ago
Seriously unfortunate. I'd be pretty bummed out.
Hope things get better.....
5 years, 10 months ago
I had to get up a 4 once to be at a hospital at 5 for leg and for surgery. Surgery was timed for 8:30, went into OR at 10:30.
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