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Stange conversations at the dinner table.

Have you ever had strange conversations at the dinner table with family?

And i mean stuff like how many ribs (sets ) in a female pig? It varies from breed to breed somewhere between 14 and 20 depending on the breed, the average is 18.

Or (and this was a recent conversation) how many diaper changes would you have to do a day, while at school, so you didn't have to use the filthy toilets... 3 was my answer, since i usually change about 3/4 times a day.

Or how about, what bird has the longest dick to body size ratio... the Male mallard duck, also takes the prize for strangest dick ever. seriously, go look up a picture of a male mallard's wang, it's the strangest thing you'll see all day.

Or one of my favorites recently, who at the table has the fastest car.... I do, with the viggen. this conversation led to a family outing to a race track to race against each other.

Or what;s the weirdest medical transplant you've seen. I saw a man's big toe, transplanted onto where his thumb used to be.

My family?? not normal...... we do not have normal conversations at the dinner table. We argue politics, dick size of animals, fast cars, medical issues, the speed that grass grows, or hair falls out..... there is no such thing as a normal conversation at our table. anything goes.

So, what's the strangest conversations you've had at the dinner table? I want to know. Tell me!! The knowledge, it fills me, it is neat.
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