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Rustlin ALL the jimmies!

you should know that calumon is stalking me, or watching me, because he found my journal about him blocking me and got soooooooo fucking butthurt even though it looked like a joke journal, and read like one, i even pulled in the "achievement get!" meme.

I shall remember all the jimmies that used to be unrustled and now are, a moment of silence if you will. also; there's a reason i haven't blocked him yet, it's because he's so fucking hilarious saying he's not going to comment on it anymore then goes back onto it 20 minutes later commenting on it XD

The journal can be viewed here

oh and in the process of writing this journal calu PMed me saying;

" calumon wrote:
i say that i reply not to YOU again, read damnit
oh yea i forgot you cant understand my english  ~.~
sorry for that

and on my journal he writes
" calumon wrote:
well yea i wont write back from now on here, i am done with you, be happy with your block xD


how about you read mr. hotshot
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
nope, roler showed me your "calu blocked me" journal
and i didnt blocked scheknul o_O
6 years, 2 months ago
suuuuuuuure ya didn't
6 years, 2 months ago
he is not on my blocklist ... only you are there
is scheknul your ghost account and the block affected the IP or so? i have no idea if that is possible or if you block the IP too when you blocking someone
6 years, 2 months ago
oh yes, somehow i have 2 accounts and can logout of one and login as another in less than a second, do you realize how stupid you sound kid?
6 years, 2 months ago
do you ever heard about using 2 browsers?
damn right? man think before you trying to insult me wolf ... btw do you like it creating unnecessary journals?
i think i know the answer allready
6 years, 2 months ago
Hi calu, I can see you're simply too young or uneducated to see the fact that you coming onto my journals after blocking me didn't help you at all and so you resorted to saying that I had two accounts.
6 years, 2 months ago
yea and now think why i do that

why cant you simply accept that i blocked you?
no you have to create a journal about that i blocked you, you still think that i blocked you because you like guro/gore but thats not the truth man

IB tould me IF someone trying to provoke me with these stuff is it better to BLOCK him. you still arguing with me that it is CHILDISH from me that i blocked you

i follow the advice from inkbunny ... if you have problems to accept that is that your problem, BUT LEAVE ME ALONE AND STOP  CREATING RUMORS about me ... THANKS

i hope you reallize now what for an idiot you are here now ... oh man.
the only thing what i do here is, i  try to defend myself because of your freaking rumors and making me bad
accept that i blocked you and HOLY after all this here wont i unblock you, its your own fault, you provoked me in the public, you involved even my name on that comment, so you cant say that this comment is not for me, its on one of MY comissions i´ve made, its a clear offensive comment there inkbunny said "block these peoples" I DID; ACCEPT THAT! -.-
6 years, 2 months ago
Someone's still butthurt I suppose, and it's not rumors, it's quotes and then your own comments. Try to read every once in a while.

I might as well block you too seeing as you're being such a fucking cunt.
6 years, 2 months ago

AND YES DAMN BLOCK MEEEEEEEE HOLY CRAP but stop creating journals about me ... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! O.o
youre such a big troll, just using stuff against your target and making it even more worse i meant that i respond not TO YOU BACK on that journal and i didnt responded to you there so ... its a rumor too

but oh well it seems you like it to make things even more worse ... i saw that allready with that unnecessary "calu blocked me" journal you´ve created
6 years, 2 months ago
You say to leave you alone as you stalk my page in search of my journals? why not just piss off already
6 years, 2 months ago
oh, is it such a big problem when friends telling me that mister trollwolfstar created again an unnecessary journal just for BLAMING ME in a public way?

i tought you wanted to block me, just do it and have your last word here in your journal, is it that what you want?
ok, have your freaking damn last word, i wont respond anymore here in this journal
BYE ah yes, dont forget to block me o.O

to be honest you blamed yourself here more with creating an unnecessary journal about that someone blocked you than you me
i hope you get that soon.
6 years, 2 months ago
AWWWW that's cute, you can't even come up with a good insult and have to resort to calling me "trollwolfstar" well bloodydeadcalumon I won't block you but remember, you said you won't respond in this journal anymore, bye bye and be sure to check my favorites before leaving
6 years, 2 months ago
" calumon wrote:
oh boy
why in the hell cant you stop
i dont want to insult you, or do you think that i take the risk and get warned from the IB staff that you can report me o_O? noooooooo sorry

and it dosnt fucking cares me anymore if you like gore or not ... stop trying to provoke me everytime with that
you did it again with "oh check my gallery" why in the hell should i do that, i know what you like, there is no reason for me to do that Ö.ö.

hm and i think that will be the last PM at you too
i had nothing at all against you, the only what i did is that i followed the advice of inkbunny and block peoples as soon they trying to provoke me with bloody/guro/gore artworks/comments what ever involves that stuff

so, accept it and please stop creating unnecessary journals about me
its your own fault that i blocked you, and when clynde blocks you too because of your comment there is that your own fault too and not his, my or whoevers fault

just stop being a troll and creating one after another blame attack against me
you had EVEN the chance to apologize you, because you can respond on your own journal to me even if you are blocked ... but you had that NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND in your mind ... no you just trie´d to blame me

i hope you had fun.
why cant you see that you made something wrong?
i saw that too, apologized me to FK that i made such a big drama there and that it was wrong to wrote that down on the public comments.

but it seems you have really problems with that. i am really curious what will happen if clynde blocks you really away too.

Well calu, you came here and commented back, so you are also in the wrong :3 and since you promised not to comment back on this or any other journal; piss off
6 years, 2 months ago
Hello, i know i said i was done with the discussion but this perplexed me a bit... Did she say that in this journal? I don't see it here... Or was it on a PM wich was supposed to be private O_o (I'm just confused that's all)
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