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2012 To-Do-List

Alrighty my lovelies, this will be my official to-do-list for the rest of this year!

I think it's pretty much complete, but Iunno for sure.

As I get more things, I will add to it.  Now that I have a job, I'm going to be a lot slower than I originally was.  I will try to get things done as fast as I can, but I can't promise anything.  Just remember, that when I tell you that I'll do something for you, it will get done no matter what.  Please remember that <3

Yes, I do submit personal art & gifts all the time.  It doesn't mean I've forgotten your commission/trade/request/etc, don't think that.  Sometimes that's just the only thing I can do XP  It doesn't make you less important than anybody; you're ALL important to me <3333

And if I forgot anyone, PLEASE let me know!

Thanks :)

bucklesinthesun (deviantArt) - Number 6 DONE Ser August Not started...
gwpe (deviantArt) - Eve, Mac, & critters DONE My choice Not started...
savvid (deviantArt) - Waiting for more info :)
noturmary (deviantArt) - Luca & FenFen; waiting on more info :3
Kelchan - Aaron & Illona Not started Khajiit Warrior & ferret familiar Not started
thetruecrystalvixen (deviantArt) - Wolf O'Donnell  Not started Garrus Not started
maryloza (deviantArt) - Her Hawke Not started
ryantaylorgirl (deviantArt) Sabrina Not started

foxfirephoenix (deviantArt) - CONSOLATION PRIZE WOOHOO! 8D Not started
LunarDrolf - Halloween Icons! DONE
atsuyojuunfuyumi (deviantArt) - Tesli Hawke & Anders  Not started
[name]bloodsaw132[/name] - Mediocre Animation flail Not started

Pika150 (5K) - Monk & mate DONE
mullein (5K) - Gabe & Micah Not started
avastguitars (10K, deviantArt) - More info plox

Requests, Gifts, & Misc:
thelilacgirl (deviantArt) - Mara & Anders Not started
kyrodo - Super Belated Bday pic Sketching
Mac Attack gifs for soniacarreras (dA), gwpe (dA), and aztarieth (dA) Sketching one
Tattoo & Unicorn for Cole, Angel Wings for Steph, Lilies for my sister. Not started
Bday pic for Jace Sketching
Pyro for stupidshepherd Inking
Husky for detailed Shading
Chuchianci for Chuchianci Inking
Mike & Hinata for powerrangersfan12 Inking
Jossur & Serenity for Arygwen Inking
Couple Icons for chandraken Coloring & Sketching
Ref sheet for shadow99611 Not started

And I think that's it.


Who knows XD
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
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