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**Please Read** Need more help guys...

So. I got a lovely little notice in the mail today. :/ Apparently, the fucking rental place slapped another month's rent onto our bill after Nanaki and I paid in $500 USD (We were assured we'd be fine after we paid this mind you - I wish Nanaki was recording the convo on his phone. *sighs*) bringing our bill down from 1150 to 650.

Pretty much as soon as we paid them off and told them we were waiting on Nanaki's check to come in, they slapped ANOTHER month's rent onto our bill (which is understandable.) however, are not seeming to want to work with us this time - the notice said paying partial of what's owed won't stop the eviction - even though his check is only days away from coming in. So...if we don't pay up 1,225 by the 2'nd, we're officially evicted.

I just found this out - apparently the paper was 'mailed off' the 22'nd and we JUST got it today.

What doesn't make any sense is, we got an invite to sign on for another lease UNDER our door today!

So, Nanaki's gonna try to talk to the landlords tomorrow...but I have a feeling we're going to have to part ways. AGAIN.

*sighs* Not asking for commissions at this point. I don't know anyone who'd buy one from me at this short notice. I've given up hope for this - it seems as soon, as SOON as we start getting caught up, they find ANOTHER thing to do to try to push us out.
Update: My pet has begged me to try to take commissions again, so lets see...I'll start taking orders tomorrow.

 We've seen other neighbors going through the same thing - We have our suspicions that most of the residents here aren't older than a year due to all the moving vans we see coming in and out.

-holds head- So dizzy from all this stress. Gonna go lay down, watch Pokemon 4ever, and try to figure out WHAT we're gonna do.

Argh, and there goes my hopes for a fursuit, much less any cons/meets this year. =/
Emergency Commissions, Batch 2!
Basically, you note me with what you want (prices listed here - all USD.). You get an okay from me. Send the money and all fees via Paypal to nanakiwolfbane@yahoo.com.

IF YOU WANT TO WATCH ME DRAW IT LIVE AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE, ADD $5.00 TO YOUR ORDER. I added this rule in because I *DO* have a life outside of my art, I have a schedule I usually follow to keep up on it, and I need a little more incentive to work on command/break my normal routine. Depending on your picture, when you're listed and the like, determines when you get your image. I work on a first come, first serve basis.

When your name comes up and I note you that I am working on your commission - depending on complexity of the characters, I have around a 1 to 3 day turnaround on images. (Three being THE LONGEST I've spent on a picture.) If, for some reason your image is going to be delayed, (Again, life outside of the net guys.) I will let you know.

I am pretty easy to contact - I will give out the art-phone number (GoogleTalk FTW) ONLY to commissioners. This number is STRICTLY to be used for getting info about your art - NOT for chit-chat. I *have* to stay on task here, people. :)

I don't really have a set goal - lets just say that overall, I want to earn as much as I can to the $1,225 as I can.

- Still owe him a sketch - trying to catch online so I can stream it live for you, dude. D:

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1. sorakitty
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
8 years, 5 months ago
Count me in for a $30 Commission. =^_^=
8 years, 5 months ago
Awesome, pass the word along. ^^
8 years, 5 months ago
More than glad to.

Anything to help =^_^= *huggies*
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