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Hello! I've got a couple of notes about this but I don't do requests I only really do commissions! But for money I will draw ANYTHING and everything! As long as it's legal in my country (so basically, everything apart from cub). I won't draw humans, though, unless you can only partially see their body.


Note me on here!
Note me on FurAffinity> https://www.furaffinity.net/newpm/erosdamen/
E-mail me > erosdamen at live.co.uk
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General Prices

All prices have been Converted! Exchange rate is as off late August 2012. Prices may be adjusted as time goes on.

* Solo Lineart SFW: £8 / $12
* Solo Lineart NSFW: £10 / $15

* Solo Base Colour SFW: £10 / $15
* Solo Base Colour NSFW: £12 / $19

* Solo Full Colour SFW: £13 / $20
* Solo Full Colour NSFW: £15 / $23

+ £3 / $5 or every character added (SFW)
+ £2 / $3 for a detailed background.

* Two Characters NSFW Lineart : £14 / $22

* Two Characters NSFW Base Colour : £16 / $26

* Two Characters NSFW Full Colour : £18 / $28

Depending on the complexity of the picture, price may rise by a few pounds/dollars but not by much!!

Also I don't do background very often, sorry!!


I will draw almost any fetish, as mentioned above! Even if I don't necessarily  like it myself, I will draw it.

Please note that for some fetishes, the price may rise by a few pounds/dollars as some fetishes ARE difficult to draw!

If I cannot draw a fetish you request, I will message you and tell you I can't and try to negotiate something, but if we can't come to an agreement, I may say no and you won't have to pay a thing!

For example, a TF/Transformation sequence will cost a fair bit more due to several pictures needing to be drawn.
But, something like, a character with impossibly large breasts or balls or penis, will only rise by like, £1/$2

If you have any questions on what I will draw, please feel free to message me! Meoooooow~!!

Will you draw Pokémon/My Little Ponies/Digimons/etc thing here!?

Firstly I like Pokémon, Ponies and Digimon!
Secondly, yes! I will draw anything from any series from commission.

Why do I do commissions?

You see, I'm actually very poor. My internet connection is very poor so I disconnect a lot, I can rarely afford money for my mobile phone and barely afford food.

Just get a job! I hear you cry, but you see I've been trying for four years straight, with no luck! So, commissions, is really the only way for me to live right now! I get a little money off the state... but just enough to get by!

Alternately, (as I have had this before!) if you want to donate money to me that'd be lovely. But I'd rather do commissions anyway!

Can we be friends?

YES! PLEASE YES! I have hardly any furry friends! I don't go on any other sites and I don't have IMs or "skype" or anything! Please note me on here!! I'd love to talk to people!!

Do you cyber?? Will you draw porn of your fursona??!

I won't cyber or yiff, I'm very sorry!! I've been asked this before on other furry fourms but nope :c

but I will draw porn of my fursona! Justbecause it's fun!!

Thank you for reading!!!!!!
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