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People are programs, too.

Programmed are we to eat/drink, breath, sleep, and survive. This much we can mostly agree on, yes?

If you then, take the logic away to survive, you get a person that wishes to self terminate. How do these logistics become changed in the human mind remains true to many, many different variables, (There are many ways for a “Switch” to occur in our program.)

Fetishes are programs. Bi-sexuality is a logistic that enables it’s human to actively seek out both sexes, a program that is either engraved at the start, or made as a semi-perma-on-off switch when the ideal (person?) has functioned enough to learn about their sexualities.

Ooooh and here’s when it gets fun; You can’t argue with stupidity. Stupidity, I BELIVE, is the lack of logic. Logic being anything where when a set of rules are applied, and the outcome becomes true. Our laws of physics are the set of rules that we live in, the logic that creates it, gravitational forces and what not, these cannot change.

However, a person’s program can change during its course of life. Pedophiles, who may be engraved at the start, may not know it until later, or an event happens that creates a “Switch” (Boolean=true/false statement) to those not engraved with a fetish. “Rules of survival,” our instinct tells us to, well, survive. Everything else is simply a program, and how we are made to think, and act.

Free will then kicks in. Choice. It’s something very special. It’s how we change ourselves deep down inside. And then, stupidity, the lack of logic in a certain rule can very well made to jeopardize the success of one’s live. This means it can happen on accident, or on purpose, that is free will.

Advanced are we, yet, we also live with ethics. One that suddenly desires to go from straight to suddenly gay has happened before. Switches in our program, how these become to be like I said varies.

What then, is right and wrong? Depends. Where you’re at and who you are greatly affects that. Our programs are ‘suppose’ to follow the rules of society, stupidity leading away from these rules as our way of thinking, logic, get’s changed.

People as programs…please. I’m happy being a furry.
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
There's also emotions, which can override any program and logic. Even the most logically sound and sane person can turn instantly stupid the day his emotions run high.
6 years, 7 months ago
Haha! I wanted to ad emotion somewhere in there, but I had already posted the thing. yup.
6 years, 7 months ago
They're coming for you Neo
6 years, 7 months ago
You'll haf'ta catch me first!! :P
6 years, 7 months ago
Hehe I could not resist. I'm a furry who must have been given a smartass program.
6 years, 7 months ago
I don't believe people and animals have specific programs. Instincts seem to be interaction patterns that happen to loosely result in certain behaviors.
Nature seems to prefer doing things on the cheap and relies on the resulting "defects" for evolution.
For example I've noticed people and animals can have the same habits - some like collecting things, and these can be certain things, food (which is helpful for hibernation), tools/components (birds make nests, monkeys use sticks to dig food or attack).
Some prefer evasion, others prefer stalking.
Beings less concerned with their life can make better defenders.

People are different in that they can form far more memory and perception that allows these instincts to build far more awareness and complex tools.

So there is a reason why so called "defective" animals and people exist,
either they force others to be more cautious, or the weird behavior could be what results in survival in an extreme disaster.
So forcing everyone to be "normal" would be the end of everyone. That removes the adaption and varied skill elements.

So, sex fetishes and homosexuality might be a failsafe to help prevent a species from overpopulating to the point of wiping themselves out by resource exhaustion, triggers could be social stress, erratic breeding, contagions and so on.
6 years, 7 months ago
I've thought about that too, as well as inbreeding. usually inbreds develop symptoms or defects as well, but to extremes. I too think that is a failsafe, to the point where one species can no longer find other suitable mates to the point that they have to turn to the family. This creates drastic things, for drastic measures, so to say.

There may be more than one way of looking at things, it all entirely depends. isn't life just the weirdest thing?
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