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Terms of Service

>Terms of Service<

By commissioning me it is understood you agree to the contract terms listed below.

~I take payment for commissions upfront. I have had some issues with people trying to swindle a sketch for free when they tell me they’re interested in a commissioning me for a big project...and get another artist to do the picture i sketched...that cant happen y’all. This is kinda my only means of income.

~All Sales are FINAL. Sorry, but you cannot get your money back if you change your mind about the commission or don’t like it anymore once I’ve started. (any money I make from commissions go towards me getting out of this place and into my own happy little home with my mate.)

~If you commission sketches or line art from me, you or another artist may colour it as long as both of us are credited for our parts. :) I'm also more than happy to colour something for you as long as you have the other artist's consent.

~Upon completion of your commission, you may repost it on your account with credit and/or a link to the original. (please give me a valid email where I may send the file)

~You may NOT make money off of any commission I make. That's not cool at all and tomfoolery like that is something I don't appreciate and will not tolerate.

~Pieces with deadlines will be subject to a rush fee. Rushing to finish a piece on a deadline with good quality is stressful and I lose sleep on pieces like that.

~I only accept paypal.(sorry if this inconveniences anyone, it just works better that way.)Please pay in USD.)

~PLEASE...I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH...PLEASE, MARK PAYMENT AS 'Money Owed"!!! Paypal really likes trying to fuck me out of money.

~Payments MUST be made & cleared within 48hours of purchase/auction win.

please check this first as there are some things you can get blacklisted for requesting!!!

Please also remember that as the artisit, i STILL have artist freedom if i dont feel like something is working out, ill go with what looks best.

I'd like to not take commissions of copywritten characters (ex. MLP:FIM, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc) I'd prefer to draw fan art on my own time and terms, some of the fan art i draw may or may not be ADULT CONTENT, if it is, please no whining. If i decide to draw porn or gore of a copywritten character, i did it for fun and entertainment. Just enjoy it. Even though i wont take commissions for these, I am always open to entertaining picture ideas. If i use an idea you suggested, it is NOT a commission so dont save it and repost it like "yeah i commissioned this." also, no credit will be givin specifically.
My rules on Pony/Poke sonas, if it is just a normal looking character that could be in the show with just the colours changed, id really prefer not to draw it, much less include it in sexual situations. Sorry if this upsets or inconveniences anyone, its just a comfort level thing. However, if your pony/poke sona is completely original, or more anthro-like, i may make an exception. :)

These are my rules on this. If i decide to change it, its entirely up to me.
All of this is wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuffs

If you are interested in having Lucy, Mishka, Galaktixx or Itztli in a picture, note me so we can discuss it. (they will not count as an additional chracter.)

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