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The Malsom Saga- YOU Choose

Ok so the big project I've been working on is a comic but not just a comic. For a while now I've tried to come up with concepts and what not that I find interesting only to have them die rather early on. I prefer to work with a group on something like this.

This morning I posted a sketch of the first page. The story thus far is the wolf whose name in dialouge will be Malsom, wakes up and is caught looking at some feet and himself looking rather angry as he is tied to a bamboo rod.

I am going to guide the story a bit on the opening basically allowing two pages to be done before hand just to get the story done. At the end of page 2 there will be a poll with options that people can choose on what happens next. The action of "The Malsom Saga"'s next page will be directed not by me so much but by you the audience reading the comic. I sort of choose your own adventure (no you don't get to go back though).

How it ends, who Malsom works with, inner acts with, will be chosen by you to a large degree. I hope to have the first two pages cleaned up and inked by the end of the week. Sadly due to the turn around I am not going to color this one, but if someone wants to I can gladly give what colors Malsom and others are. I'll let everyone know when this goes live.

Voting will be done here in a poll form. FA/Sofurry will be based on comments received (aka how many picked option A,B,C,D etc. Which ever one gets the highest vote wins. In the result of a tie I'll simply flip a coin and let chance win. :)

Page three is up for voting here: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=294484

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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
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