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New Around Here

Hi everyone! It's really nice to meet all of you^_^. I thought since I'm new here to Inkbunny that I'd introduce myself to everyone. :) My name is Kevin, but as this point, most people call me Sonia because of my username XD. You all can call me by either of those, or K-Kun if you like^_^.
I'm 22 years old, and while I don't have a fursona or fursuit, I consider myself a furry at heart. The greater majority of my art is drawn using MS Paint, but I still like to draw using regular pens and pencils too. :) I also use a digital manga making program called "ComiPo!" to make funny little comics too^_^. I also write stories featuring my various OCs (Original Characters) as well.
I'm a pretty big anime and manga fan, and my art is usually done in that style. :) I have a long way to go as an artist though. I still have trouble with anatomy and angles and such, but I still really love drawing anyway. :) Some of my hobbies and interests include drawing and writing, reading manga, watching anime, collecting trading cards, photography, WWE, mermaids, video games, the list goes on for a while XD. I'm a big Disney fan too.
I tend to be shy sometimes, but I'm still very friendly, and I care a lot about people. My friends, my family, my watchers, and everyone I talk to. Assuming they aren't unnecessarily mean or a bad person.
I'll admit, my shyness does make it so I trouble making friends. It isn't because I'm a bad person or anything, it's that I get all shy and nervous when trying to make friends. I've incidents in the past where I've talked to and gotten to know someone who doesn't seem to make me feel quite so shy, but when I've tried asking if they'd like to be friends, they say "no" or they don't see me as a friend. That's why I have trouble knowing if I'm friends with someone or not unless I come out and ask them about it.
Regardless of my shyness, I do still love being able to make friends. :) Hopefully I can make that happen here. Again, happy to be here and I hope we'll be able to get along. :)  If anyone out there has any questions they like to ask me, feel free to either comment or PM me here and I'll do my best to answer them as soon as I can. As long as they aren't too terribly personal, I'm  an open book^_^.

Stay awesome everyone^_^!
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