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Crysis 2 Open Beta: My verdict so far...

Well, lets get the obvious out of the way right now...The graphics are fucking JIZZ WORTHY! The Crytech engine is such a beast of an engine, and I seriously think it'll replace Epic's engine as the one used for most games in the future. But yeah, the graphics are draw-droppingly good, but lets get past all that and get onto the actual gameplay, shall we?

The gameplay is extremy entertaining, but there are a few niggles that are extremely annoying. For one the hit detection is hit and miss sometimes. Sometimes it's perfect, and shots hit where they are meant to hit. Then other times it's so off that it's almost unplayable. Also for Melee's, the hit detection is really bad. You can be right infront of someone and slap 'em one with your gun, then they somehow manage to kill you instead when their behind you. And on the Kill-Cam, you'll see they aint even facing you when you die. That's my main gripe right now, because with the hit detection with the guns is fucking around, the only other way to get kills is to either get lucky with a 'Nade or run around Meleeing everything that moves.

Also there seems to be a little lag with the controls, which isn't a huge problem but takes a few rounds to get used too. Thats like half a seconds worth (maybe less) of lag between input and action, but once you get around that, you'll be destroying everyone that strolls in your path. But so far my overall experience with the Beta is really, REALLY fun! It's fresh, fast and enjoyable, and there aint many Campers so everything is usually on a constant move. Usually I'm not all that great with FPS's, but with this one I seem to be doing pretty damn well. I'm already level 10 (which is the highest for the demo), and I ususally end up in the top 3 a the end of the round. My highest kill streak last night was 15 befor I started getting stupid and got raped X3. My best round was 23-3. So yeah, so far I'm really enjoying myself. And I think I'll be buyin this beast of a game when it comes out.

What about you guys, though? Enjoying the open Beta so far?
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
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