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Anger Consumes, Hope Uplifts

No big journal this time.

No rambling diatribe.

No massive amount of postulating about whether or not things will ever change.

Just that this is what I've seen as the trend of internet 'reviewers'. They will fall under one of these two categories and usually, the first word leads to the second.

Look at Spoony and how far he's fallen since his anger overwhelmed his rational mind and caused his massive meltdown, costing him what could be considered a VERY cushy job that had all the toil of making a mushy cheese sandwich. Look at Jimquisition who likely just brought a massive lawsuit against the Escapist with his latest 'opinion' that Sony is begging us all to pirate them because they deserve it.

Look at FrozenFoxy, who plays with probably a smile on his face and is massively enjoyable to watch. Or Jerma985, who is not too big to laugh at himself and will put his terrified face on camera because he knows he's fun to watch...and how he always and unfailingly ends his videos with "Take care, everybody." And you know he means it honestly.

Look at the amazing effort Extra Credits has put in to making games something to be proud of *legitimately* by showcasing how they can be used as art and as tools for looking within ourselves.

I won't bring up Yahtzee as angry because he's not angry so much as satirical and isn't afraid to say he likes a game, so long as he keeps himself honest with pointing out flaws to help us understand that the term 'gaming perfection' is flatout purile thinking.

Anger Consumes. Hope Uplifts.

Which would you be if you were to be a reviewer? Because if you choose a road, you have to follow it. Admittedly, you can change if you understand you're going down a dark path...

...but we are never the best judge of our own abilities. Are we?

Which would you be? Would you go for the cheap thrill of mindless rage? Of yelling and faux-acting insulted at something? Or would you try to see the brighter side? Look for what's actively good?

Which would you be?
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
I think you already know which side I've chosen. :3
6 years, 6 months ago
You forgot one! The realistic "this is how it is" approach that Red Letter Media and Nostalgia Chick tend to use. It is judgmental, but it's not fake, and it leaves room for what's good about the media they're reviewing as well. That, and the positive approach are my two favorite formats as well, as I think they're more helpful and, frankly, more entertaining. People don't seem to realize that the Angry Video Game Nerd skit was originally just an in-joke for James Rolfe and his friends, yet somehow it caught on and became serious, eventually being taken over by the Nostalgia Critic, who created a format that, like, 80% of Internet reviewers now use.
I'm sure it was fun to begin with, but that "angry bluster" thing is getting old. That's why I watch Spoony for his Counter Monkey stuff, and don't really care that much about his reviews (though I do have to say the ending to his Ultima IX thing was really great).

So yeah. Two cents. Red Letter Media's the best. w00t
6 years, 6 months ago
I would agree, though I'd be partial to RLM toning down the crude humor that they use. It's kind of old and honestly, I like their opinion more than their slapstick. It made them famous, yes, but they could honestly get away from it now and not a lot of people would mind too much if they toned it down.

I've not really watched the Chick (mostly because of the name and the unfortunate stigma of her riding on whats-his-face's name), though I'd admit she's got more acting talent than the talentless hack that ended up starting that whole war with Spoony.

Angry bluster is used when a lack of content is presented because you've burned up your anger and have nothing left. Hell, I can't really watch Spoony much anymore because of his unique usage of swears. It's just...trying too hard to be relevant anymore. I could be overreaching, but at this point, I'm wiped out from a busy day.

6 years, 6 months ago
Oh yeah. RLM does seem to be a one-trick pony. They do it well enough that it hasn't burned out for me yet, but they do seem to have one thing they do and do well, and that's it.

The Chick used to be a female carbon-copy of Doug, but she's since gotten sick of that and carved out her own niche. She's one of the more intellectual reviewers on the site, and she knows what she's talking about as well. Plus, she involves her friends, which is awesome. And yes, Obscurus Lupa can go get raped (See what I did there? Because she started the war with Spoony over a rape joke? Get it?!). But seriously, she's the same tired old routine, and calling out her coworker in public was highly unprofessional and probably should've gotten her canned too.

And...yup. Sounds about right. It's sensationalism at its finest, replacing actual substance and hard work. But isn't that the way with all things, huh? :\
6 years, 6 months ago
You know where I stand...

And I didn't know you watch FrozenFoxy! I got into his stuff after Batty introduced me to Legend of Grimrock.  He's a ball to listen to with his LP.

*also hugs for the EC love, having just pointed a friend of hir's to their 'choosing a game school' episode, since that's what they want to do*
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