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Sorry for my absence lately, had a bad week so I couldn't do that offer thing in the end. No real loss though, doesn't look like more than about 2 people were bothered anyway, rofl. Despite how bad I feel I need to pick things up in terms of drawing. Drawing is basically going to become my only real source of income so I'll be trying to draw a lot more. Lack of interest in my stuff lately has worried me, so I'm guessing I wont be incorrect if I say my new prices are too high. I'll be adjusting those soon so they're more reasonable, because I really need more customers, to say the least.

I'm not writing any of this crap to be a sob story or something, I just have a habit of being open about things and I like letting people know what's going on.  But yeah, depression has been really bad lately (proper clinical depression, not the usual 'I feel blue' shit that most people refer to as depression on the internet) so it's a real uphill struggle to do even basic things most of the time. I've got stresses beyond the depression and anxiety, like helping my mother find another place to live, lending my brother a hand who has just got his own place and worrying about my health. I found out today that I'm not diabetic, so the one blood test I had that hinted that I might be was just a fluke, so that's a fuckin' relief. I'm still heading to hospital this month for a scan but I dunno if they'll find anything. It's mainly stress for me that makes me ill, just severe stress every day and that can really ruin your health.

Also, just had to format my computer and start from scratch after my registry got screwed up. I managed to save all my art and important files though so it's no disaster or anything, just a pain in the ass. Big thanks to CromeTheDragon for coming down and helping me sort everything out despite having a shitty day.

I'll be trying to get my ass in gear over the coming weeks and I'll be setting up a store at some point too, selling t-shirts and other goodies. Thanks to everybody who has shown me support, I appreciate it and I'll seeya around.
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
I was bothered, I just thought you needed your space so I left you alone
6 years, 4 months ago
man I will just buy the hell out of some roarey merchandise |3

on a more serious note: pricing is a difficult balancing act, but I think you're probably quite close with your current prices...

and congratulations on passing your blood test X3
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