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Commission Pricing/Accepting Format Change!

Right guys, I've decided to make a change to how I do commissions. This way should make it easier for me and for the commissioner. I'm going to do commissions much like I've been doing my requests, except Commissions will be done by a First-Come-First-Served basis. So I still hold the right to turn a commission away if I dont like the idea, and as for pricing that'll depend on the overall piece as a whole. You want a super complex Ref Sheet for your character? We'd negotiate the price. And thats what I'm going to do, I wont have a set flat price for every type of commission, because no commission is ever really the same right? So each piece will a different price, depending on what me and the commissioner agree on! Oh, and I STILL wont be charging for sketches >.> I think thats freakin' pathetic. So what will I draw? Well, pretty much anything except things like Scat, Vore and Unbirthing. Things like that seriously repulse me, but any other fetish feel free to ask and I'll tell you if I'll draw it or not.

So, how many commissions will I be accepting at a time? I'll stick with just three for now, because I am a rather slow artist that does have a family that depends on him :P. I also can only draw at certain times during the day/evening, which also helps slowing down my art process. So if your willing to accept the fact that I'm not the fastest artist around, then feel free to commission me! :D I do have a standard I'll always strive to reach, specially when talking to the commissioner. I'll always be in contact with those who are paying me for art, showing them updates any time I feel I need too, or when they want to see an update. So you'll never have to worry about me taking money (and to be honest, I prefer to be paid at around 90% completion of a commission, but some still pay me upfront) and taking a year to draw something. Artists like that anger me >:I ALSO I'll make changes to a finished commission if you notice something a few days afterwards that seems out of place, depending on the magnitude. Say you notice I got an eye colour wrong, I'll change that. But anything that requires major relining, I probably wont do.

Anywhozzle! If your interested in taking one of my commission slots, feel free leave a message here with your Commission idea! Unless ofcourse you'd rather send me a note then that's all good too :P Blow is the slot list! So keep an eye on it if you've asked for a slot, so you know for sure that I've accepted your commission ^.^ I usually will tell you, too X3

1: MaverickWolf007

Also folks, I want to remind you guys that I am taking Donations to help me get some art mannequins! Any donation is greatly appreciated, so please help me out here! ^.^
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