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One small step into the eternal unknown

Neil Armstrong, First Man on Moon, Dies at 82

With a deep grief I heard that yesterday the first man that set a foot on the moon died. An unwitting hero that put his life on the line for the sake of science, curiosity and reaching out the stars, but was just doing his job, met the inevitable destiny of our mortality... Yet, he has reached immortality and entered into the humankind history in what must be the highest point of our civilization. It's a shame to see that old media isn't paying a bigger tribute, still engrossed in the latest exploits of celebrities; filling people's minds with junk and lies. It's just embarrassing and insulting every time I have to explain why the hoax theory is nonsense while providing scientific facts and proofs, along with pointing out historical sources. We were on the moon and it was amazing.

Why aren't we going back? It's complicated, but all boils down to political and economical matters. It was a race up there and US won over the soviets, no more need in the short term to get back unless it solves an economic problem, like mining and getting rare Hydrogen isotopes for fusion reactors (which by the way are not ready because they take more energy than what they output.) And the travel is not easy nor cheap much less safe so it isn't a surprise for me on why no one has attempted it again. But let's keep an eye on other space agencies outside of NASA, they might want to enter into the history books. In the very far future the landing sites will be landmarks on the moon because they aren't lost, preserved forever because of the near vacuum. Will it be by then so evident that the history is true? I so hope we don't have to go that low.

It's insulting to our intelligence to think that USA faked the landing just so they could win the space race. That's a blatant lie because of the overwhelming historical evidence. In 1969 you could have took a relatively big radio antenna, point it to the LM and hear the conversation. You could have pointed a powerful telescope and watch the spacecraft go away and beyond. You can point a freaking laser to a mirror installed on the moon and measure the distance. And don't get me started with the rock samples and how you can run all the chemical tests you want, they are not from this world! No! Don't mention the "flag waving in the air" bit. Simple newtonian physics can explain that!

So why is it that the hoax theory still survives despite all the evidences? If you ask me I think it's because it is the most anti-USA conspiracy and because it is more appealing to believe in fantasy than reality. While I agree that USA is one of the worst places to live right now (and Mexico will shortly follow starting next year), that doesn't mean that everything that the "high powers" touch is evil. That, my friends, is paranoia and schizophrenia. What we had that day on July 20, 1969 was motivated by politics, but was fueled by dreams and the most brilliant north-american aeronautical engineers and pilots of the time. They had the right stuff... and now one of them is gone.

I salute you, Neil. Big honor to the human that made one small step, 43 years ago...

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